DNF Review for Days of Blood & Starlight

DNF Review for Days of Blood & Starlight

12812550Did Not Finish. The 4th book DNF in November 2016. 😐

Read this one from 12 October to 14 October. I got to page 170.

November 2016: After a lovely poll (with one vote from a kind friend on GR) I went to read this one again. Sadly, I quickly was wondering about my reasons for putting this book on-hold the previous time. Was it truly because of me wanting to read other books? Or was it the many reasons why I am dropping now.

What reasons I hear you ask?

Here we go:
-Karou, what the hell happened to my kick-ass, epic lady of awesomeness? I know stuff went down, I know that people died, but really? She is just such a wuss in this story and I was just so pissed with her that she was letting herself be used like this. She doesn’t get a shred of appreciation from anyone, but yet she just keeps going. For some reason (which I didn’t think was a good reason) she thought she had to do it as some kind of saying sorry. Whut? No. Just no.
Where is my lovely girl? Why did she go back to that bastard of a Thiago? Why would anyone go back to a person like that? A person who destroyed your life in the first place.

-Romance. The best parts of the book were Akiva x Karou. But yes, because of crap happening in the previous book we now have two characters who don’t see each other, but keep on pining. These two really need a good chat, and settle their differences, because really, it is just so annoying to see them drool over each other, yet not wanting to go to the other person like a grown adult.

-What the hell is up with Karou’s friends? Really, why did her best friend think it was a brilliant idea to cross the desert and just go to Karou. And then taking her boyfriend with her. Wow. 😐 I loved the best friend in the previous book, but I just wanted to smack her hard in this one. Sorry, but she really should have thought this over. I can imagine why she wanted to go, but really, just no.

-The previous book held quite a few POV, but this one even more. It seems that almost each and every character gets a POV, and sorry, I just had to pay so much attention to who was talking that I got a headache. 😐 Maybe if it was done better it would have been fun, but now it just switched quite a few times in just one chapter.

There were a few other reasons, but the ones I mentioned were the most important reasons.

I got to page 280 and then I just had to stop reading. My head was exploding, and I just so missed the wonderfulness of the previous book. 🙁

Sorry to those who voted for me to read this one, I was really looking forward to this book. 🙁 I really wanted to read it.

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