Review for A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol.1 – Vol.3

Review for A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol.1 – Vol.3

10568334Short review for the first 3 volumes!

So I watched the anime years ago, loved it to bits, and decided to now finally read the manga. I am glad I bought this one for my boyfriend a few years ago, that means I can just walk to the bookshelves and grab a new volume. Though I do need to buy the newer ones if I want to keep reading.

In these 3 volumes we meet with our cast. Misaka, Kuroko, Uihara, Saten-san, and of course the one boy who frustrates Misaka because she can’t defeat him. 😛

These first 3 volumes are about something called a Level Upper. What that is? Well not everyone can get their powers as high as Kuroko or Misaka. Even with training. And that frustrates quite a few people, including someone from our cast. I can imagine that it isn’t easy that one can’t get their powers up. So they use an illegal mp3 that will change things in their brain and “level them up”. Sadly there are side-effects to it.
Judgement, and also Antiskill are trying hard to get this to stop. To stop people from using it.
It was very interesting, and also quite fun to read about it. Fun? Well because it is just so much fun see Kuroko and also Misaka use their powers!

Also loved the last part of the third volume (after the Level Upper arc) which explains to us how Uihara and Kuroko met and how they got in Judgement.

Plus, like with the anime, I love how they switch serious business stuff with some light-hearted things.

And of course I am also reading this manga for the whole Kuroko x Misaka stuff that was also abundant in the anime. Kuroko trying to get into Misaka’s pants, glomping and tackling her all the time, and much more. Which results in Kuroko getting zapped, or bumped on the head. And yes, that happens frequently. 😛 Kuroko never gives up.

Out of the whole cast I am still the biggest fan of Kuroko and Misaka. Both have awesome powers, and their personalities are fun too. Plus I know from the anime that Misaka has a big backstory to tell, and I am really curious how it is handled in the manga.

I do feel sorry for Uihara, that Saten-san is constantly flipping her skirt in front of everyone. 😛

All in all, a really fun series, and I will definitely read it. I can’t wait for the Sisters arc to start!


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