Review for Big Bob, Little Bob

Review for Big Bob, Little Bob

71e6ueyoalAs soon as I saw that Laura Ellen Anderson was illustrating a new book I knew I had to have it!

She just draws such pretty things, and I love her art style so much. <3

But the book also has a wonderful message, and a cute story. About 2 boys, very different, finding out that one can still be best friends even if they don’t like the same things. Of course, it does take the addition of an extra character to have this confirmed. 😛

At first I wasn’t that big of a fan of Big Bob, but I did see he was trying to involve Little Bob with his games. He tried to race him on the swings, he tried to have him catch a ball, and several other things. It was really sweet of him to do that.

Little Bob was very cute, and I loved how he just stuck to doing what he wanted to do. Often boys who play with dolls, or like wearing clothes, change after someone tells them it is not normal. But not Little Bob, oh no, he just goes on with being himself.

I know the book said they would be different, but it was so much fun that they were exact opposites.
Cats and Dogs. Dress up and Playing in the mud. Big and Small. Muddy and Neat.

Maybe what I would love to see was that the roles were reversed. Tough Big Bob playing with dolls, and Little Bob playing with the cars and doing all the rougher things. Now it felt a bit like the standard I always see in books.

The ending was really fun, and also really cute. Go Big Bob, tell her! I was happy with how it all ended, and I am sure these friends will stay friends for a long long time.

I definitely loved this book, and I will re-read it one day again.


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