Review for DC Super Hero Girls Vol.2: Hits and Myths

Review for DC Super Hero Girls Vol.2: Hits and Myths

29093045Yes! A new DC Super Hero Girls Volume! I just love these, so much fun to see all my favourite heroes and villains in one book/world. 🙂 Often at the same school even!

This time we have a stolen Batplane, Odyssey books (and some more deeper story about it), demons, and much more. At times I was a bit bored, but then the pace picked up again and I was back to being fully immersed in the story.

I was delighted to see some new characters, including Raven, who is a big favourite of mine. I hope we do see more of her, maybe even at the school if the principal gets her way. That would be splendid.

The whole who-stole-the-plane? I thought it was the teacher to make sure the students would sleep well and learn for the test on Monday. 😛 It would have made a fun story if that was the case. But no, it is something else entirely.

I did love how the book picked up various things from the Odyssey story and made the hunt for the batplane (and later the teacher) a lot more interesting. From the sirens to the underground to defeating a big baddie. I loved it, it makes the Odyssey a bit more fun (sorry, it is dreadfully boring).

The slumber party/the idea of a slumber party was fun. I am so happy Wonder Woman made so many friends. And that Harley is one of them (another favourite girl of mine).

I had such a laugh when people flew in the invisible yet. 😛 Those expressions were just so hilarious and fun.

The expressions of the characters are one thing that I adore in this story. Just like the art itself, how the characters are drawn. They are all great. 🙂

All in all, I quite enjoyed myself, and I will definitely be hoping for more DC Super Hero Girls! Not that long until Batgirl’s story comes out.


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