Review for Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

Review for Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

28259085This was such a delightful book, I am definitely glad I bought it!

This was pretty much a blind buy. About 80% of the books I buy are books that I have been waiting for. Often for months. I already read several excerpts, saw the cover pop up, heard my friends talk about. But this one? I spotted this one on Twitter, checked it out, and decided, just based on the art, to buy it. 😛

And boy, I am so happy! Because it was a terrific book. Of the whole book there were just 2 little things that I was a bit annoyed with. First up Abbie’s anxiety. I get the feeling, I was young and going to high school (since that is what it is called here, we don’t have middle school) was pretty scary, and yes, I was also thinking about my future, and finding my thing. However, I really got a bit annoyed with her. She constantly kept worrying, she constantly kept talking how she couldn’t do things, or didn’t have a thing. Girl, you are what? 12? You don’t need to know what you want to be right now. You don’t need to worry so much. Sure, you can think of things, but nothing is set in stone. You will find your thing one day. Enjoy life a bit more.
Also stop thinking that adults don’t know what you are going through. 😐

My second little thing is that the school does the school lunches that way. Why not make enough for the entire school? It does seem highly unfair now that an older class can get all the food they want and the rest gets the scraps. And then the school gets angry when someone acts against it.

Other than those things I so loved the book. I would have loved to have been able to pick electives as well! I wouldn’t be able to pick which one I would want to do. Not because I don’t have a thing, but because I have too many interests.

With the exception of her crippling anxiety, I did love Abbie, she was a fun, and also realistic character, and I loved how she just braved on, how she confided in her aunt (and haha, at the advice she got, which didn’t make sense until much later). I loved her with her friends. It was so much fun that she went to the bakery so many times, she must get a lot of allowance for her to be able to eat there all the time (or they just waited patiently for the guy to give them the leftovers of the day). 😛 I loved how she found her thing, and how she handled it all. It was a brilliant idea, and it made a lot of people happy. I wish it could have continued on a bit longer, or that maybe the school would have done x and y, and not z.

It was also fun to read about her family. About her brother, about her sister, about her mom, about her aunt. They do make a wonderful family, and she should be feeling lucky she has them. Her brother was such a sweetie near the end. Awww. <3

Abby’s friends were definitely a fun pair. It was also fun that the three of them were so different. One loved drama, the other loved gaming/coding, and Abby didn’t have her thing. But yet these 3 are best friends, and they support each other. They help each other. Plus they are all three huge fans of that bakery. 😛

The enemies, well I am sure glad they don’t get a big role. Now their role was just perfect, we got that they weren’t nice, but they weren’t overly present.

I also was laughing so hard, Americans are all wondering why there is so much obesity well, gee, maybe you shouldn’t have lunches with all sorts of unhealthy stuff like pizza, fries, nuggets, soda, etc. Of course, sometimes it is OK to eat unhealthy, but having that option every day? No, just no. Also the fact that those kids eat dinner as well in the evening. They have 2 big meals in a day. Why not make a healthier option the standard in school, and pizza/unhealthy once every time on special days.

The art was just fabulous, and I love the style, I love how it all connects what is being said, and also that often we have illustrations instead of words. It is what made me want to read the book in the first place and I definitely wouldn’t mind more books by this writer/artist!

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!


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