Review for Gemina

Review for Gemina

249093465+ stars. Read this one on 2-11 (1 hour), 3-11 (1 hour), and then the rest of the 300+ pages (on 6-11) in about one and a half hours. This was an amazing book and I loved it to bits. It was a bit boring at points, but from page 356 it really picked up and then I couldn’t stop until I was done.

The long-awaited second book in this series (I know, it is only been a year, but still, I needed this one in my life so much). It is once again a big book, and again filled to the brim with all sorts of information. From interviews, to chats, to journals (loved those), to camera surveillance written down. It was once again one of my favourite parts of the book. That the story is told not in a normal way, as most books are, but that the story is told through all the chats, all the journals, all the other things. Slowly, part by part, it reveals to us a story.

I do have to say that I was a bit worried. At first the book was pretty OK, and also great fun, at times scary, at times romantic, but it didn’t really pick up until page 356. Until then I was able to just put the book down (OK, it wasn’t totally easy, but easier than when page 356 came along).

We have a whole cast of new characters. Some unlikeable (but then again, I am sure we are supposed to hate on the BeiTeich crew), some very great (Hannah and Nik), some awesome (Ella). Then there are all the supporting cast. And we also have a few returning people, as of course the ship which carries the characters from the previous book is getting closer and closer to the station.

Hannah, well I am not sure what to think of her. Up until the moments that she had to survive, to fight, I thought she was just a bit of a pampered princess who likes drugs (bleh). But then when the action came on, she turned out to be a warrior princess. Not afraid to kick some serious butt. Trying her best to survive, to rescue everyone, to make sure everything will be fine at the end of the day. I loved that Hannah. Of course at times she was afraid, at times she was worried, at times she didn’t want to do anything. But sorry, I can imagine, if all that crap happened to me, if you are continually hunted, I would also burn out and just want to cry in a corner. It is totally understandable, and if anything it made me like her more. It showed that she wasn’t just a warrior princess, but she also had feelings. Sorry, sometimes I just see kick-ass girls but they are just that, kick-ass, and you have no idea how they feel.
Her romance with her boyfriend? Well, I didn’t feel entirely sad about it. We don’t really see them together, and I guess this was done for various reasons (which you will see when you read the book), still it is a shame. It might have made the twist at the middle a bit more of a twist.

What happened between her and Nik? Sorry, I called it from the beginning. 😛 It was really adorable though, and they do fit together. No, not a spoiler, come on, everyone with eyes can see what is going on between the two.

Ella, I just loved that girl so much. She was too awesome. There were moments I feared for her, but well. I will keep that a secret. Read the book to find out how awesome this girl is.

The action, and all that happened on the station? Awesome! Though, I have to say that I got an headache near the end. Even my boyfriend was having an headache when I tried to explain to him what was going on. But it was still an awesome add to the story, and it made me love the book even more!

I also love the addition of those creepy critters. shivers Creepy, but very effective and it made it all the more dangerous.

The ending, and all that happened there? Fantastic! I can just imagine what the next book will be about.

What more? Mm, I think I have said everything I want to say. Just one thing, be sure to be strapped in well, because this rollercoaster will go all the way, up and down, sideways, loopings, and much more. Oh and maybe bring a punchbag (I know, might be hard, but worth it) because dang that Falk dude. 😐

Highly recommended!


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