Review for Gendai Majo no Shuushoku Jijou

Review for Gendai Majo no Shuushoku Jijou

32940208This looked, and sounded really cute, but I guess it was not meant to be.

From the start I was annoyed with Neko. Her delusions are just a bit too much. She thinks everyone will just accept her and be amazed with her, but the truth is people don’t want witches. And sorry, with all the stuff Neko does (or actually doesn’t) I can imagine that people might be distrusting.

She is a witch, apparently, but can’t do anything. Yes, fly, but she has a fear of heights, so that doesn’t work. Her magic keeps failing, or making horrific figures.
Maybe it is because she doesn’t want to be a witch, and is that blocking whatever she has for skills. But frankly I don’t believe it. And yes, she is still in training, but really? Shouldn’t she be able to do some things on a good level at least?

I also wondered why her mom threw her out for training without even giving her a bit of basic understanding of how life works. How to cook. How to find a job. How to talk to people. And she keeps screwing things up. I can imagine a few things going wrong, but this many? No. She is 15 but she can’t do anything.

The shrine maiden girl, bleh, I dislike her so much. I also don’t get why she is so grumpy and angry at our girl. Sure, she is an idiot, but that doesn’t mean you have to glare at her all the time, or make remarks. Also what is up with her attitude regarding when someone pops in the bath part of the house? Isn’t that like a shared one? So for more than one person? Also isn’t Neko a girl? So why did our shrine maiden girl act like she encountered a guy each time.

So yeah, I am not seeing in why everyone is so happy about this one. I guess different tastes and all that, but it feels like I am the only one who didn’t like this one.

The art was really good, and I quite liked it. It is also what saved this one from a 1 star.


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