Review for Hajimete no Gal Vol.2

Review for Hajimete no Gal Vol.2

32811859-1 star for Ranko. 😐

Well I was truly looking forward to this one, but I have to say I am disappointed. Why, always when relationships start getting to look good do authors or mangaka feel the need to add another person to the mix. Someone who wants to break these 2 up, or is interested in one of the two (which ultimately leads to destruction as well). In this manga we get Ranko. She immediately is a character I dislike. And then later on it becomes closer to hate. She is a disturbing person who likes to see how far she can go with a boy who has a girlfriend. She is even thinking of raping him if he doesn’t want to cooperate. Maybe she has a reason for her behaviour, and for her wanting the destruction of Yame and Junichi, but really, I just wanted her out of the story, and fast. I do hope that she will be out of the story with the next volume. That there is some sort of revelation, and all is well. Because dear Lord, if this girl keeps on getting appearances and being a destructive insert bad words then I will just drop the manga.

I was also surprised that Yame would listen to Ranko. The suggestions she got from Ranko were pretty horrible, especially since Junichi just didn’t understand it any more. One moment Yame would be all sexy and sweet, and the next she wanted to kill him. Girl, if you want to keep the boy, you will have to check your attitude. You can’t go from hot, to cold, to hot, to cold. That poor boy is already confused about his feelings. He already wants to keep himself in check (yay for a male who doesn’t jump a girl because she says yes to things), and he is figuring out his feelings.

Yes, Junichi is definitely my favourite. While of course he is still a boy and has fantasies, he does his best to keep things in check. Which is pretty admirable given how much he wants Yame. I also felt sorry for him for being toyed with. No guy (or girl) deserves that. I do hope he can handle Ranko, and I wish him all the luck with Yame.

It is also getting a bit frustrating that there are so many hints and teases, but yet nothing really happens between the two. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need them to have sex immediately, but a bit of hugging, or a few kisses here and there would be nice. Especially with all the tension in the air.

The art also keeps getting better and better, and I love it when that happens in a manga (or with books with illustrations). It is just so much fun.

But all in all, it was a pretty good volume, and I did enjoy it even though Ranko should just be erased from the story.


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