Review for Hubble Bubble: The Messy Monkey Business

Review for Hubble Bubble: The Messy Monkey Business

28326688I am so happy that I found this book yesterday (together with several other manga and books, all for a lovely cheap price), because this book was a delight.

The book is split up in 3 stories. The first one was about them going to the zoo, the next story is about Granny having to babysit (though our MC has to babysit more as Granny doesn’t get how toddlers work), then the last story is about girl scouts and winning.

Out of all those stories I like the first one the best. It was fun, chaotic, and silly, and I laughed so much. Granny doesn’t seem to be able to not use magic, even if it means chaos. But the kids are happy, and I think that is the most important part.
Though there was one little thing that was a bit strange about this story, the fact the zoo just let some random kids and a grandma help out with their jobs. I know this is magical story, but this was just a bit too magical.

Granny is also quite oblivious to even the most basic things, and I do wonder if she has been living in the forest miles and miles away from anyone. Or if this is just how she always is? She is a fun character, but this was a bit annoying that she couldn’t even figure out some simple stuff.
I still like the fact she is a witch and can do magic. And isn’t a stuck-up about it, like older witches often are in stories. Plus she seems really sweet and kind, even if she messes up all the time, she has her heart at the right spot.

I am quite curious about our MC/the grandchild, I want to know how she got her magic. Is it in the family? If yes, does that mean her mom is also a witch? I loved how responsible she was, yet also fun and willing to make a bit of trouble. 😛

The art is really fun, and it fits with the hilarious story perfectly!

All in all, this is definitely a wonderful book, and I am so happy I was able to find it and buy it! Guess I will have to find the rest of this series as well.


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