Review for It Ends With Us

Review for It Ends With Us

272763185+ beautiful stars. This book was effing beautiful, heartbreaking, and I am still crying because it was just that good. That last part. Oh my gosh. Wonderful! I thought the book couldn’t break my heart further, couldn’t make me cry more, but then it did. I love Lily. She is the best character. <3 <3

Sorry, I can’t write a longer review now, so much emotion. So much wow, so much other things that I just can’t describe now. Just that Colleen Hoover did it again. She wrote another book that made me cry, made me invest in the characters, made me want more.

Since I am still emotional about this book, I will keep it short, though I can’t promise as sometimes words just flow out of me like a river and I need to write them all down.

Phew, this book really set lose a whole lot of emotions in me. The book is about a heavy subject, namely abuse. As the book progresses we read Lily’s diary entries. She doesn’t just talk about Atlas, Atlas, and Atlas, but also about her dad, and how he was abusing her mother in various ways. From slaps, to kicks, to even almost rape. How her mother always stayed with her dad. How she never left, and how she always tried to act like nothing was wrong.

It is something we see more, in real life, but also books. Women (or men) who are abused, but don’t leave their significant others. Often for various reasons, but still it is heartbreaking. 🙁 You want those people to just leave the ones abusing them. But as this book also shows, sometimes they just can’t leave because they love that person. Yes, even with all the abuse, they can still see right in that person, they still see love.

This abuse, and what it did to Lily’s family, is a running line through the book. I won’t spoil anything of course, but everything that is mentioned is important and will come back later.

I loved Lily, I loved her so much, though I also felt sorry for her that she has such a name (read the book and weep with me). Also sorry that her childhood was riddled with pain, hurt, and worries.
But this girl is also super awesome. She juggles all sorts of things, does so many things right. It is just amazing, and I was seriously agreeing with her mom when the mom said she wanted to be like Lily when she grows up. 😛
She has a tough decision to make in this book, and I was delighted with the decision she made. It must have been heartbreaking, it must have been tough, but I am so happy that she was able to do. That she was able to break the cycle she was in.

Her relationship with Atlas? The one from the diaries? I loved it, and Atlas was a wonderful character who is really sweet. I did feel sorry for him, and I am glad that he was able to meet Lily. She truly saved his life. I loved how they had various things in common, and how happy they both were. Even if it meant dodging the parents. Even if it meant that something might go wrong.

Sure the diary parts were not really my favourite, as they came between the now-time story. I was more invested in seeing what Lily would achieve, and also see how she and Ryle were doing.

Ryle. Well, I did like him in the beginning. Their chemistry is amazing, and I loved that they could be honest with each other. Telling each other Naked Truths. 😛
But then… and I will put this one under spoiler tags.
I hated him quite quickly when he hit Lily. Sure, one might say that it was an accident. But I am sorry, I don’t believe it one bit. If you hit your girlfriend like that, just because of something like that? You need anger management, and fast.
And then it started escalating, and I am sorry, but my hate for Ryle, and my worry for Lily, grew.
Then came the one scene that I won’t forget, the one scene which made me want to kick Ryle in his nuts.
1. Your wife doesn’t have any contact with Atlas any more. Even if she had his contact in her phone, for reasons btw, she forgot about them as fast as he put them in.
She doesn’t know he likes her still. That he has no girlfriend, that he is just waiting for her to be free and come to him.
2. Just because she keeps a keepsake from her ex doesn’t mean you need to abuse her. They parted ways in a gruesome way, but that was due to the father. Otherwise her break-up would have been a clean one, and of course one might want to keep something like that. And no, she doesn’t need to tell you that it is from her ex. That is her thing.
3. The tattoo. Really? She put that tattoo there YEARS before she met you. When her mind was still on Atlas. So what that she didn’t tell you. Is it that important? No it isn’t. It isn’t your concern. It is just a memory. Something she wants to remember. Is that wrong? No.
4. You don’t just effing read her diary. That is just a no-no.
You never let her talk, you never let her do anything. She doesn’t need to let you know about old knickknacks or about tattoos. And you, you don’t get to rape and abuse her because she didn’t tell you. You, Ryle, need fucking anger management and you should thank Lord that she didn’t go to the police with this. Because I wouldn’t have minded if she did go to the police. You are a danger to yourself and others.

Alyssa and Marshall, awww, I loved those 2 so much! They were cute together, but also separate from each other they were terrific and fun. Alyssa who just works because she has nothing else to do. Alyssa who is a true friend to Lily. Who I would see more like a sister because of their awesome, sweet, cute bond together.

The ending was just amazing, and I really cried. So much tears. 🙁 Really, if you think this book broke your heart, wait till the ending and enjoy your heart breaking so much more.

Also at the end you finally get the meaning of the title! And I love it!

I think I managed to make a review, and oops, sorry guys, it is a long one after all, even with all the emotions still surging through me. This book probably won’t let me go for a while. It is something that Colleen Hoover is good at. Writing books that never let me go. I can’t wait for her next book.

Highly recommended! Of course not a book for the younger audiences due to the themes, and of course also because of the sex scenes. (Which, as always, are written so that it isn’t too detailed, but just right enough that you know perfectly well what is going on. Which is the perfect way for me, I always feel a bit uncomfortable during sex scenes, especially if they are explicit. It just feels wrong. Like I am watching something I shouldn’t.)


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