Review for Judy Moody and the Bucket List

Review for Judy Moody and the Bucket List

28686891Our queen of the lists finds a bucket list, and you can already guess what will happen now!

Yep, Judy wants to know everything about a bucket list, she makes one of her own, and tries to cross off everything. But she is also learning a lesson about bucket lists. It is not about the crossing off, but it is about the journey towards it, having fun reaching it, feeling accomplished.

I also did feel sorry for Judy, she really thought her grandma might die if she completed her list. Of course people told her that wouldn’t happen, but then I can imagine why Judy would feel that way. Her grandma is a bit older, and seeing her go through a list of things she wants to do before she kicks the bucket…. Her solution to it was hilarious, and also very sweet, and I am sure grandma will have a nice laugh out of it, maybe even hug Judy tightly because she knows what Judy thought when she made that solution.

Of course we have enough sibling rivalry, though there are times they get along great. It is a change from what I normally read about siblings in books. Either they always get along, or they never do.

Stink never ceases to amaze me with how much he knows about stuff. In this book we also see a whole lot of smartness.

I do wonder why the parents weren’t a bit stricter on Stink. He kept butting in during conversations about Judy, or even ran towards his parents when Judy did something. I would have loved to see them say something to Stink about it. That he should just leave them to do the parenting.

Back to the bucket list. I just adored it and all the things Judy wanted to do. Some stuff was just impossible (going to Antarctica), but a lot of things were perfectly doable, easy, and fun. I loved how she learned new things, how she found out the joy of learning new things. How she tried her best to get the things crossed off.

The book is also stuffed to the brim with illustrations, and I just love them so much. I love that you can see how much better the artist got. The illustrations in this one are top-notch!

All in all, I do hope we will see more Judy Moody books. It is a bit sad that it takes longer for them to come out, I do hope this doesn’t mean that the series will stop. 🙁


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