Review for Marine Biology

Review for Marine Biology

12806429Oh my word. fans herself This was a delightful little novella, and I wouldn’t mind more Merman x Werewolf stories.

I decided to check if Gail Carriger wrote any more books like Romancing the Inventor and Poison or Protect. The more adult books of hers. I finally found this one, the cover is a bit hilarious (though the guy himself is definitely yum), and then I saw it was going to be merman x werewolf I just had to read it. I never seen that combo in books, so I was curious how this coupling would work out. Two different worlds, two different supernatural beings.

The book isn’t long, but the story is complete, though of course one can always write more about these characters, about how they continue their relationship, but at least this novella is satisfying in its length.

The story is about Alec, a closet gay werewolf, who is also hiding more than just being gay, but I will not mention what that is. He doesn’t really feel at home with his pack, mostly to do with him being gay, but also to do with other reasons.
He gets a job to help out 2 merpeople. Marvin, a person from back in high school (who apparently turned from emo to hot hot and very hot), and his sister. And from there the romance starts, and also a very exciting story that including, yes, really, the Irish Mafia. 😛

I really loved Alec, and his personality. He definitely deserved happiness and romance in his life. I also like that he was a marine biologist, I don’t think I have seen that job pop up often in a book. Rare job found! Yay!
While he was a bit more closed about how he felt about Marvin, since he was the MC we did get a peak in his head, and we could clearly see how much he wanted Marvin, how hot he found him, and several more things. It was adorable, and it made it all the more better when he finally had the guts to confess.

Marvin was also really cute, and I loved how his personality was. He is quite different from Alec. Whereas Alec was more reserved, Marvin was open, didn’t mind making some really bad pick up lines, and also take any chance to just show how he felt about Alec.

The romance between these two is perfectly done. It didn’t feel instant, nor did it feel rushed. Alec and Marvin knew each other from school, and while Alec didn’t have direct feelings back there, Marvin did. And Alec is quickly following with his feelings.

The Irish Mafia part, and also what happens after that, perfection! I am so happy for all parties involved, but of course mostly for Martin and Alec. They deserve all the happiness!

All in all, if you are looking for a cute, adorable, sweet, romantic book with some action, and don’t mind some slight NSFW language then be sure to check this one out!


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