Review for Mistletoe and Murder

Review for Mistletoe and Murder

29979535A wonderful, delightful book! Christmas has arrived… in October. 😛

This time we are off for a Christmas holiday at Cambridge. Daisy’s brother is there, and also her aunt. Of course our duo will find murder wherever they go, even on Christmas they are stuck with murder. No clue how these girls do it, but for some reason murder has a way of finding them, even if they don’t want to. Or at least, I am sure Hazel would love some moments off from murders and mysteries. While Daisy just thrives when it happens.

There is still a bit of tension between the two because of what happened in the previous book. I was a bit sad that it was still happening, but on the other hand… I was also happy, as it showed that it wasn’t just a tiny event, but something that will continue to pass by. Still I am a bit angry at Daisy for acting like this. It is no wonder that Hazel keeps secrets at times.

I was disappointed in Alexander, with how he acted. All friendly towards Hazel, but he gravitated towards Daisy and kept mostly ignoring Hazel. Poor thing, she is all in love with him, but he doesn’t notice her/only sees her as a friend. 🙁
I did like that the romance was added to the book. It doesn’t always fit with books, but it did fit with this one. Especially considering the ages of the girls (15/16). It was actually kind of refreshing, even if it, again, brought some tension between the girls. Luckily, Daisy is quite a sweetheart about these things, and she did keep her distance, even giving hints to Alexander.

The fact that we saw the Pinkerton’s again was a fun one though (even it brought utter frustration to Daisy). I loved the bet, and I also loved the conclusion to that bet. Haha, I knew it!

The mystery/murder was interesting, and I had a whole lot of fun trying to figure out the whodunnit. There were a lot of suspects, and lots of people who had a motive to do the murder. I had fun seeing how the characters figured things out, and how they tried their best even with the limitations.

Yes, limitations. The girls are getting into trouble quite a bit as girls aren’t allowed in Maudlin (which were most of the stuff is happening). I just felt so sad, and also frustrated for the girls. The didn’t do anything bad, but just because they were girls they got banned, blocked, and so much more. I just wanted to hug the girls and tell them that in the future things will get better.
I was still delighted that so many people were trying to help our girls, and also tried to make them feel better. Especially the girls/women at St. Lucy’s. They really tried their best to live what they had, and make it a good home/place to learn.

What more? I loved what happened at the end (with Daisy’s family), and I am quite curious what Hazel’s dad meant with the other present being at her home.

I also quite liked the fact that like with the other books, there was a focus on how life was for people of another colour/race in England at that time. How it feels for them, how they are treated (not always the nicest, even if they were born in England, like George and his brother). It is quite interesting, and nice that it is added.

I think I have mentioned everything I wanted, this was a really good volume, maybe I will reread it again for Christmas. 🙂 I would highly recommend this one, and I can’t wait for the short story collection, and the next books in the series!


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