Review for Online The Comic Vol.2

Review for Online The Comic Vol.2

978-4778080099Well, despite the epic cover, and also the amazing first volume… this one was just plain boring.

Suddenly the game changed to an RPG? Suddenly one can do magic stuff? I thought the game was just like in the previous one, not suddenly change to a zombie infested forest with weird jobs that one can get.

I really don’t get the game, and that is a shame, I had hoped that we would get a bit more information about the game, how it works, and how this organisation will be working, but instead we barely got anything, and only confusion. Sure, our MC picks a job she will be doing from now on, but I am still wondering how that one will work out. From the name I can guess what she will be doing, but how will they actually do it? Save up money so they can rescue the parts that people lost?

I also think our MC wasn’t really the smartest, yes, she did use that move to save someone (who should have known better), but she did lose that, a part that with this kind of job she can’t afford to lose like that. 😐 Any other part would have been bad, but this? How does she think she can play now? It is a handheld game after all.

I would have loved to see that creepy girl from the last volume back, but apparently she is not important enough. Such a shame. 🙁

Seems the next volume will have Naomi, I am curious to see this girl.

Oh well, guess we will see what will happen in the next volume. Which I may read someday, for now I am not all to happy with this manga and the lack of information.


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