Review for Penguin Problems

Review for Penguin Problems

28439554Well, this sounded absolutely adorable, but sorry, I was just annoyed as heck by this penguin.

All he does is complain, whine, cry, grump. Urgh. Really. OMG everyone looks the same… Yes, penguins have other ways to find out who is who. OMG I have to catch fish. Woe, woe and more woe. I don’t want to be hunted, yes, that one I can actually agree on. But that is the only one.

It is that this is a short book, but otherwise I would have dropped it quite fast. I don’t mind a bit of complaining, but dear Lord, this little dude really takes the cake.

I was hoping for a fun ending, but instead we got a pretty bland and boring one. A whole wall of text, and I am sure the only thing the penguin will think about that is: “Oh look someone is yapping, let me just pretend I am not here. Because I hate people who talk.”

The art was pretty decent, and that is also another reason why I just stuck around a bit longer.

But would I recommend this book? No. Unless you don’t mind a whiny protagonist.


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