Review for Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus Vol.3

Review for Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus Vol.3

28503964While I do like this series, this review will be a 90% rant review, because really, I need to get some stuff off my chest.

I am getting a bit tired of these girls. Their house is going to be demolished, and all they do is cry, whine, run away, cry some more, turn into stone, complain some more, and in general don’t really put much effort in it unless they are being forced. 😐 I just feel sorry for Kuranosuke…. He has to think up everything, has to help and hold their hands with each step. If I was Kuranosuke I would just have given up. You guys don’t want to do this, fine. Good luck finding a new home. Maybe I sound harsh, but this behaviour isn’t new, it has been going on for quite some time.

I know they are neets, but that doesn’t give them an excuse for this behaviour.

Same goes with how they treat those who are stylish according to them. No matter what, they will petrify and just bluntly ignore the other party. Doesn’t matter if those stylish are kind, or not so kind, they will just be rude like this. Sorry girls, if you would do some effort you could also be a stylish, what will you do then? Petrify because of yourself? Oh wait, no we already know what will happen. You will rip off the clothes, or run away. And even before you can get to be a stylish, you will do what they always do, protest, whine, and act like a bunch of effing 4 year olds who need to be dressed for school but don’t wanna. 😐

Tsukimi is the main lead for most, but I would rather see Kuranosuke. He is so much better.

Yes, Kuranosuke. Who is trying his hardest to have these girls keep their home. Who plans the WHOLE thing. Who never complains. Who never cries. Who doesn’t mind spending tons of money to help these girls achieve something. He is the one who pushes them to actually do something. Who actually tries to help them out. I just want to hug him. Tell him that at least I do appreciate it, and that he should just continue.

Now I could go on ranting, but I will just stop here.

I love that Shu finally sees Tsukimi for who she is and still likes her. \o/ Even in petrified mode, even when wearing her ugliest outfit, even when she doesn’t wear make-up, he still sees her for who she is and that is just so amazing. Go go Shu!

I loved the dresses that they were making in this book. I wouldn’t mind buying one, though I am sure it will be way too expensive for me. I also love the new name, and the logo.

The art is also getting better and better.

There are a few more scenes that I loved, but I am going to stop here. I will still read the rest of the manga, as I do want to see more dresses, more jellyfish, and more romance. Oh and maybe see if Tsukimi can grow up for once. I already gave up on the others.


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