Review for School’s First Day of School

Review for School’s First Day of School

25689022I already spotted this book some months ago, but then I spotted it again in the Goodreads 2016 choice awards and decided to see if I could find it.

And I did! And this was definitely a fun, original, creative book. There are so many books about school, about first days, but how many of those are from the school’s POV? I frankly can’t think of one other than this one.

This school just got build, and he is going to experience what it is to be a school soon. He is worried about it and he asks his friend, the Janitor, what is going to happen. The Janitor explains, and then the first day happens. A lot of things happen during the first day. Kids who don’t like school (which made the school sad), jokes (which the school did like), paintings, and also embarrassment when his fire alarm goes off (I loved how he said sorry to everyone for it when it happened). Plus, just like the kids, he learns something!

The school is a great character, but I also liked the little girl and her first day. How she, just like the School had a few moments that weren’t fun, but then it turned out to be an OK and fun day after all.

I loved the art style of the illustrations, it fitted perfectly with the feel of the book.

The ending was adorable, and I laughed. Yay, yay for the School! I hope he can have many more days like this, happy days, fun days.


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