Review for Smile

Review for Smile

6764756It finally came in! I wanted to read it last month, but found out I didn’t actually have the book in my collection yet (gasp!), so I quickly ordered it, and now it is here.

I loved this one as much as I did with the previous read.

So a brand-new day, let me see if I can write a good review for this one. 🙂

The first book in the Smile series. We meet Raina, we see her life. From the start it is clear that this will be a book about teeth (yes, really). Our MC has to get braces for an overbite. As you can imagine she doesn’t want this one. And then something happens, and it is no longer just braces that she needs.

The teeth stuff was just so cringy, so painful, and since I am not one to like dentists that much, I was just shivering at times. Good lord, this is just horrible. I am so thanking God that I never had a need for braces. 😐 If I see the process here, then thank you so much that I didn’t needed this! Not being able to eat some foods, pain, headaches, braces have to be tightened, then eventually it has to be removed or other stuff happen to it. No, just no.
So yeah, a lot of the book is about Raina and her teeth.

But the book is about more than just teeth too. It is also about finding your way, your place while you grow up. We see Raina go from 11 to 13/14. From middle school to high school. She just stays herself for most, of course dressing up a bit more later, but still just being herself. And her friends from MS can’t accept that it seems. I just felt so sad for her that her friends acted like this, did such jokes (which are not funny, I agree with you on that Raina), treated her like a baby. I know exactly how she feels. When I got to high school (though then again we didn’t have a middle school thing, so when you are 12 you go straight to HS) it was all awkward for me too, what would you wear? What would you do? Is it nerdy to like x or y? Is it really worth staying yourself? Making new friends. Finding a place you belong in the school system.

The boyfriend/love stuff? Well I just wish she had been honest with that boy. I can imagine your crush on him is over, but he is clearly still interested and it is just rude to do this. No, just no. I can imagine he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

The sister was just as annoying in this book as she was in the next one. Dear Lord. 😐 It makes me happy I didn’t have sisters (though I wouldn’t have minded a little brother).

The art is also fabulous, and I really liked it.

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend. Teeth, puberty, finding your way, sibling arguments, romance, and much more!


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