Review for Takeo-chan Bukkairoku Vol.2

Review for Takeo-chan Bukkairoku Vol.2

33023339Haha, this was yet another brilliant volume in this series. I was a bit worried about the new character, but it seems I don’t need to worry. 🙂

I finally had time to read the second volume in this series (and will also soon read volume 3). We are back with our MC, and back with her unluckiness.

This volume is a special one as she is learning to let things go, and also to let others do something for her. She is learning that it isn’t bad to ask for help. She is learning so much more, and it was a delight. Of course you could see she was struggling, and so it was all the more rewarding to see her finally ask something. I am so proud of her. I know the difficulty, I have the same thing. It is quite hard to ask someone to do something when you are used to doing it all by yourself.

It also introduces a newish character: Tetsu. A demon demolisher (though he has much to learn). I was at first worried about this character. What would he do with all the youkai friends our MC made? What would be the effect to his coming? He was awfully determined, and he did quite some harm. But luckily, he learns a lesson, and he turns out to be quite a fun character. Especially with the whole boss of the group of Youkai. Both are fighting to get our MC happy, and that brings a lot of hilarity (though our MC’s answer to it all was even funnier).

We also see new Youkai, our MC makes more friends, and we learn the name of the one who cursed our MC. Then there is also the whole helping-the-MC-with-her-bad-luck, and that also brought a big change with it. A change that I definitely love, and which I can’t wait for to be shown some more in the next volume.

We also have some ecchi humour, I won’t spoil, but I laughed so hard when that was said. 😛

The art is a bit hit and miss for me. At times quite pretty, at other times not so much.

But all in all, I will definitely read the next volume soon.


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