Review for Tales of the Peculiar

Review for Tales of the Peculiar

29358487So I was quite interested when I heard this book would come out. I quite loved the Peculiar Children’s series, and I was hoping for more information about peculiars, and maybe even meet more different ones than just the ones in the normal series.

Well, and that is what this book is all about. A whole bunch of peculiar people. Though I don’t really get the pigeon part, they didn’t seem that peculiar, just rotten and annoying.

Out of the stories we have in this book I had 2 that I didn’t particularly like. The first one was the cannibal one, on the one hand it was interesting, but it quickly became disturbing as hell and I just didn’t want to read it any further. 😐

The next story I didn’t like, well, OK this one was just straight hate, was the pigeon one. My lord, those pigeons were horrible, terrible, and disgusting. Oh boohoo people are building high buildings, boohoohooo our lives suck. Urgh. :\ And what they did to make sure stuff didn’t get too high was just sick.

My favourite story would be about the ymbryne and how the time loops were created. It was really interesting, and I flew through it. The MC was terrific, fun, sweet, brave, determined, and the peculiar society was happy to have her. She saved so many lives.

My second favourite is a tie between the Nightmare girl and the girl who loves ghosts.

I am a bit sad that the book was so short though, I am sure there are many more stories to tell, and it felt like only a few were selected.

Also I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous cover. It is so shiny, and beautiful.

But all in all, I did enjoy myself, and I would highly recommend this book to everyone.


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