Review for Tenkuu Shinpan Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Tenkuu Shinpan Vol.1 + Vol.2

978-4063769791This is a review for Vol.1 + Vol.2.

So I just discovered this manga while searching for something to read. Something exciting, something mysterious.

This was a terrific manga, well, there are still many volumes to go, but you get what I mean.

It is about a girl who suddenly finds her in a different world. A world that exists out of suicide, murder, masked people, and high rise buildings. Yes. You cannot go to the ground level. Well, OK you can, but if that happens it means you either jumped, or got pushed, and it also means you splatter against the concrete down below.

This girl, and everyone else, is stuck in here. Luckily there are suspended bridges connecting the buildings, so you can travel that way. But the paths are riddled with danger. As I said, the world is also full of dangerous masked people. As the manga continues we slowly find out a bit more about these masked people. What makes them tick, why they do what they do, and what happens when you try to help them.
Each of these masked people have a weapon, each one has a different one. From shovels to guns, from knifes to claws.

The masked people definitely make this manga suppppper creepy. You would think she was safe, and then BANG, creepy dude or girl suddenly pops up out of nowhere.

But the masked people aren’t the only dangers. There are still different people in this world, and not all of them are nice, or friendly. Most are trying to survive, quite a few just turned cray cray from all the things happening.

Our girl meets various people, but, I will warn you, don’t get attached to them. 😐 Not a spoiler, I already warned you guys that this book is full of murder. (Pretty gruesome murders even.)

Our latest newcomer, and well, I am sorry, but I am kind of breaking my own: Don’t get attached-rule, is Nise. She is a kick-ass girl, and I can imagine why she was doing what she did in the manga. I am quite glad that she, so far, is managing to survive. I hope she will stick around for a bit longer.

I was a bit hesitant about Yuri. Don’t get me wrong, but it just felt weird she was so at home with a gun. That she knew how to shoot it, how to reload it, how to handle it. I do wonder why, and I do hope we will see more of her past later on.

I also do hope she is able to find out what this world is, where her brother is (he is also there, and she could talk to him through her cellphone, and yes, cellphones work here), and hopefully bring down this terrible world that apparently traps people. 😐

You will fly through the chapters, so be warned. I was totally not prepared for it, I suddenly found myself through the first volume, and very eager to read the rest.

I think I will spend more time with this manga, now that I am sick I can read it whenever I want(binge-reading \o/), it is still ongoing but it seems to be around Vol.10. I am just so curious to see how it will continue.

I would highly recommend this manga to everyone!


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