Review for Tenkuu Shinpan Vol.8 to Vol.10

Review for Tenkuu Shinpan Vol.8 to Vol.10

978-4063774610Review for Vol.8, 9, and 10!

While I am still loving this series, I am getting a bit bored. Stuff get stretched out endlessly (the whole world, the who is the Sniper Mask), and it just feels like the story never will get anywhere. Every time we think we are getting somewhere, x or y happens and suddenly we find ourselves further from the goal. 😐

In these 3 volumes there are several things that happen. We find out who the guy is that has such control over masks. We find out what his plan is. And boy, what a creep he is. While so far most people who are closer to God were pretty decent people (though at least one needed a bit of kick against his ass), but this one is just complete crazy…. His plan? Take over this world, and the real world, and let the same thing that happens in this world…. happen in the real world as well. 😐 Yep, disturbing as heck. We also find out what profession he had in the real world, and bleh, I am so glad he won’t be teaching anywhere at this moment. I don’t even want to think of how he teaches, if he has such crazy ideas. 😐

Yuri is also pretty much a bro-con. Sorry, there is love for your brother, and there is love for your brother. The way she snapped, couldn’t think clearly? Sorry, but girl, you need to keep your head cool. Your brother wouldn’t want you to do dangerous stuff like this, not for his sake.
Yuri also turned pretty awesome, though she has much to learn about her skills. She is still a human being, and it seems to me that she forgets about that sometimes. She just rushes into things, then gets tired, and has to be saved.

Her relationship with Nise? I am not sure if they are friends, or becoming more than that. I am still happy for both of them that they are able to be together like this.

We also see our other party, though due to Rika not being with them they get less and less of the spotlight. I do hope that we will see them more as they hold some key players.

I am also still curious about Kuon and what is going on with her. How did she become closer to God? How did she know about the Railgun and how to use it?
Her romance/her feelings for Sniper Mask, well they were pretty clear from the beginning, but I am happy that apparently she isn’t the only one with feelings. 😛

Of course the volume ends with a cliffhanger, and while there are still chapters out, I will be waiting for the next volume to come out. Hopefully soon! I really want to know how the story continues.

I had great fun reading this series this week, and I would also recommend it to everyone else. Though be warned, it has quite a bit of gore. Also don’t get attached to everyone.


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