Review for The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation

Review for The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation

29092951Yay! A brand-new PiB book. This time our princess is trying to go on a vacation, but will she be able to rest?

The fourth book is here, and we can now enjoy a warm beach vacation in the midst of autumn (though it feels kind of like winter). 😛

The poor princess, she was truly pooped from all the monster defeating. It makes me wonder why, until now, there was apparently no one else who also does the monster defeating. You would think if there is one person, there are bound to be more. Just one hero can’t save everything, all the time. We can see that clearly that this taking toll on our princess. So I am happy with the addition of the Goat Avenger. Even though that one has a lot, really a lot, to learn.

I am also still laughing at the fact that apparently no one, really no one, can deduce who these 2 are. Though with that ending, I feel like someone does know. Why else would that person do that? I can’t wait to see if my feeling is right, I do hope so, it would be fun!

The beach vacation was a delight, I loved how the beach stands looked, and also how lovely and beautiful the beach was (sorry, but here seas aren’t bright blue, or beaches yellowish).

Of course we could have guessed that the monsters wouldn’t allow our superhero to have a break.
I was cheering for our princess to keep on going, to just defeat him so she could have her rest.

I won’t tell you if she got her rest, or if she defeated the monster, but I was definitely happy with the ending.

We also have the Goat Avenger parts, and see him do his best to keep the peace in the pasture.

Oh yes, and I definitely have to give points to the creative names that our boy and girl use when defeating a monster (or practising on defeating one).

All in all, I definitely enjoyed this book and I would recommend it. As for me? I want more PiB!


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