Review for Torn

Review for Torn

31038172This was an amazing book. Like with many other Jennifer L. Armentrout books, this book won’t let you go until the end, and then it will make you eager for more.

This will be a good/bad review. Too many emotions to write a normal one. 🙂

-The story. We go deeper into the Prince territory, we find out about Fae who might not be so bad, we find out more about the Order (and I hate that group more and more now), and much more. The story just grabbed me and I couldn’t stop reading. I love when books do that.
-Tink. Tink was already pretty awesome in the previous book, but he became even more awesome in this one. He is sweet, caring, but yes, still a brat at times. But I didn’t mind those times. I loved the revelation that we got about this character (it sure was a shock, but also hilarious). He will do anything for Ivy. I also so love his remarks about things, and how he handles negativity. Go go Tink!
-Ivy. She was already kick-ass in the previous book, but I loved her so much more in this one. Especially during some parts I was rooting for her so badly to just stay true to herself. To not give in. To not break. To stay alive. Of course, she makes some mistakes, but I can forgive her for those. I can imagine why she did them (though one of them will be posted here in the bad-section).
-Ren. Ah, Ren. Swoons Such a sweet, handsome, lovely guy who is kind, friendly, and protects Ivy with all his power. I was a bit worried about how he would react to the whole Halfling part, and I won’t spoil anything, but I am glad with the eventual outcome. I say eventual, as I first was pissed.
-The humour. It is something I see in her other books, and it is the sort of humour that makes me laugh, or snort, it makes me want to collect all the quotes. 😛
-The cover. So swoony and sweet.
-The Val situation. How it was handled, how it was sorted. Yes, it was gruesome, but I am glad that they got to that ending, and not suddenly did a crappy, OMG-she-didn’t-mean-it-lets-hug-and-everything-is-fine-arc. Val’s betrayal in the previous book was a shock, it was something that came out of nowhere for me, and so I am kind of happy that we do meet her, but that it all ends. The whole revelation would otherwise been reduced to nothing if Val suddenly changed sides again. -There are all sorts of other good things happening in this book, mostly tiny things that make the bigger picture even better. I won’t mention those specifically.

The Prince. Well, that is more because I really hated him, so in a way that is good, as Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote him perfectly well. 😛 So I am bit conflicted, on the one way it was good (well-written), on the other hand (Can someone just throw him in front of a thorny car?). So a bit conflicting, but I am sure that Jennifer L. Armentrout meant him to be so frustrating.
-The whole Halfling secret. I was just a bit frustrated that Ivy wouldn’t be honest with Ren. I know why, I get why, but I was still angry that she didn’t trust him. That she didn’t think he might not mind as he loves her. Sure, it would be a shock, but come on, we all know Ren.

So this was a terrific book, and I just can’t wait for the last book grabby hands. I would highly recommend this book.


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