Review for Worm Loves Worm

Review for Worm Loves Worm

25027836Well, this one sounded cuter, and much more fun, than it actually was. 🙁

I was really looking forward to this one, a wedding between worms? Yes, yes please! But instead of a fun wedding all we got were 2 worms who were being pushed left and right by all kinds of insects who apparently thought they were oh so smart.

It frankly just got annoying. I just wished the worms would shout something like, screw this, we will marry the way we want to marry. 😐 They finally do protest, but sorry, that at the end of the book. Bleh.

Really those insects should just have left the worms to themselves. Who cares how you get married, isn’t marriage about love, care, and truly going for each other. You don’t need a fancy wedding (though I am sure it is fun). Or a wedding that is perfectly organised so that it is just like every other wedding.
And every time you thought, ah, now we are through with all the insects, the next one pops up to ask/complain/or something else. No. Just no.

The art was so-so. It was a bit boring as there were no backgrounds. 🙁


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