Waiting on Wednesday ~ You Can’t Hide

Waiting on Wednesday ~ You Can’t Hide

Hello everyone!

It is another Wednesday, a cold and wet one, at least here. 🙁 Well it fits with the mood today, with all that is happening in the world.

Now for happier thoughts. What am I waiting for today? I am waiting for a sequel to an amazing book called The Gathering, in December we will finally get the second book in the series named You Can’t Hide. It sounds absolutely fabulous going by the title and the cover. But the blurb also sounds amazing. Add to that the whole OMG I need to know what is going to happen to our group of kids who are stuck in a house with ghosts, dangers, and mysteries. Will they get out? Will they get killed? Will they find out why they were all summoned (though we do find some hints in the first book)?

That reminds me, I still have to play the app game/story that went with the first book. Darn it, I totally forgot! Well I do hope that the new book also will have an app with a new story.

Lastly, the cover is hopefully just as epic as the previous one (where you can flip it open and see a normal picture underneath the super-creepy one!

30985898Shadow House will find you…

Poppy, Marcus, Dash, Dylan, and Azumi are all trapped within Shadow House, a sinister estate where past and present intertwine. As they fight to find a way out, the kids think the ghosts of the house are the greatest danger they face. Little do the kids know it’s the secrets they’re each hiding that will prove even more lethal.

They’re going to have to come face to face with their fears if they stand any hope of escaping the house alive. Is there anyone or anything in the house they can trust? Or is all hope disappearing, too…
Enter Shadow House…if you dare.

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