10 Books With Amazing First Sentences 2016 Edition

10 Books With Amazing First Sentences 2016 Edition

Hi everyone!

My favourite post each week is my Monday’s First Sentence post. Books can truly capture you with one sentence, oftentimes (if not all the time) the first sentence. Some first sentences make you wonder what is going on. Others set the tone for the book. I just love finding a book with a wonderful, hilarious, captivating first sentence.

For this one I searched through my Monday’s First Sentence posts of 2016, and I picked 10 books that had (in my opinion) the best opening sentence.


“You should be dead,” the ER nurse stated as she adjusted something on my IV.

It was dawn, and the zombies were stumbling through the parking lot, streaming toward the massive beige box at the far end.

On New Year’s Eve, for as long as Anna could remember, the families in her village had gone up to the mountain pastures on a sleigh.

It’s weird how you can feel nostalgic for something that hasn’t actually happened yet.

You’d think it would feel weird being nearly naked in front of so many people, but it doesn’t.

Rock concerts aren’t meant to be watched like silent movies.

“All right,” I say, “either the furnace is on overdrive, or we’ve descended into the actual, literal fiery pits of hell.”

I draw green daggers stuck deep in each heart and then I cover the poster with glittery blood.

I’m dressed as a spider, waiting to go onstage to impersonate a carrot.

“Please, no show tunes right now,” I moaned from the cave of boxes in the backseat.

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