Review for A House at the Bottom of a Lake

Review for A House at the Bottom of a Lake

I spotted this one yesterday, while searching for new horror/spooky stuff to read. It sounded really great, and something that I would enjoy.

Boy, was I wrong. 😐

Let me start with the story. What I expected was some creepy, horror story with lots of twists and turns. Instead we get a couple of teenagers who are on a first date, find a house, and just claim it as theirs (selfish, no?). A lot of stuff happens, but nothing really creepy. Yes, the house was at times creepy, and there were a few things that were a bit mysterious, or gave me a bit of goosebumps, but mostly? Mostly I was wondering when it would really pick up. When we would find out why the house was at the bottom of that lake. Who the actual owners are. What kind of creatures they would be. Nope. Nothing happens.

Yes, something that happens is that they act like junks without their drugs, and of course they are stupid enough to do x and y, only to end up with z. The ending was a disappointment. It never cleared anything up.

The dialogue also jumped between the characters which was highly confusing. At least at the end it was a bit more separated and you knew who was talking when, but otherwise it was hard to keep track of it all.

The two characters also didn’t feel the age they were. 17. They felt more like 20, maybe 21.

And really, who in their right mind would have sex in scuba gear, underwater in a place where you don’t always feels safe? What the hell? Oh, and of course, don’t use a condom, because underwater and blabla, just pull out around the time you feel it coming. Yep, good idea. Very good idea. *rolls eyes*

So boring beginning, meh middle, but then it picked up, only to end in disappointment.

Wouldn’t recommend.

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