Review for Afo Guard Vol.1

Review for Afo Guard Vol.1

978-4757542501Oh my, I think I found a new manga to love and enjoy.

So there is this school that enforces some weird rules. Girls have to wear masks so that the elite male students don’t get distracted. It is also forbidden to write love letters, wear make-up, or other stuff that might distract the poor little elite male students.
And not even in school, not, if the girls are still within the school district they will have to wear a black sack. Yep, it sounds silly, weird, and abnormal, and that is what the manga is all about.

Especially considering the girls are practically thinking they are what their mask is. Our MC is a girl who wears a horse mask and she is practically becoming a horse. For one school race she even went so far as to watch horse races, she wore horse racer masks over her own horse mask, and much more. 😛 She even at times forgets to remove her mask when she leaves the school, which causes trouble with the police.
We also have a girl with a microwave, and as you can guess it, she often goes in technical mode.

Our horse girl, Aizawa, has a boy she loves (she acts all weird (really weird) when he gets close). The boy in question also has a girl he likes, namely Aizawa. They used to be best friends before Aizawa had to move. However, he doesn’t know her name, and it also doesn’t help she is wearing the mask, otherwise he would have recognised her.
Still they are getting closer to each other, still they are falling in love. Though, Shinra is such a moron. Really, I am sorry, but he thinks that Aizawa is a horse, at least in the beginning. 😐 He will also believe various other things about the girl from a teacher (which causes some hilarious situation).
I can’t wait to see their romance get better though, I do hope that Aizawa is able to show him her face one day. Though with the strict rules of the school, and the fact these girls first reflex when spotting a guy, even when they are at a home far away from school, is to wear their masks…. I am worried.

There are also other couples. Our fox mask girl likes the moral committee guy (and I am thinking he likes her too). Our microwave girl also has a guy who is interested in her. I definitely can’t wait to see how these couples will get together. I do hope they will. Even with the strict rules that forbid relationships.

We also have a weird teacher who is totally not happy with the rules, she wanted to seduce a nice, cute high school guy, but also has to wear a mask, and even a jersey if she is teaching in their classes. 😛

I flew through the chapters, and I will definitely keep on reading this. It is a funny, but very weird, manga, and I just want to see if couples get formed, and if the rules in the school may get a bit lessened.


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