Review for Afo Guard Vol.2

Review for Afo Guard Vol.2

This was just as fun as the first volume was!

I definitely loved how each girl (and also each boy) got a chapter. Of course the main focus is still Aizawa and Shinra, but it is wonderful to see the other girls and boys get together as well. I am fully supporting each and every couple in this one. They all deserve happiness, and I can’t wait to see the boys reaction when they will see the girls faces.

For now my standings for what couple I like the best are the following:
Microwave girl (Yuuki) x Yamato
Fox girl (Mikami) x Korenaga
Horse girl (Aizawa) x Shinra

Aizawa though is a bit well, um, weird? I mean it is one thing to wear a mask at school, it is another one to feel like a horse, act like a horse, have a horse diet (eating carrot things). Especially one chapter in which she wears a full horse suit outside on a date with Shinra was just a bit too much for me. I wish she could be and act a bit more like a normal girl.

The other problem I have is with Shinra and also Yamamoto. While it is kind of cute that he wants to see if Aizawa is his childhood friend (and love), it is getting a bit desperate. He even treats her weirdly, and that is just such a shame. As for Yamamoto it is a bit creepy that he can’t even look normally at a microwave and not think about the girl.

But with the exception of these 2 problems the manga is pretty fun and I am laughing so hard at the situations that are happening. I still can’t imagine why a school would force the girls to wear masks, but it does deliver a very unique setting. Especially when it is seen by outsiders. 😛

I also love seeing the Aizawa’s sister and her reactions to what her sister does.

The art is also still quite great and I really like how the characters look.

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