Review for Alexandra

Review for Alexandra

I spotted this book and just had to try it out.

I thought it would be just one story, but this one actually features a few short stories, beginning with a name change, and ending with going to bed. I loved that the going to bed was the last story, it is a perfect ending. Go to bed, sleep, and the book is over.

I do have to say that I didn’t always like Alexandra, I know, I know, she is a little kid, but really at times I was just shaking my head. Especially with the swing set. If I was the mom I would have just taken away the swing set. Because it could have ended way worse than just a small scratch.

The stories are all quite as kids would behave. Washing hair is no fun (soap can get into your eyes/ears), sometimes you just feel like a name change. Sleeping can be scary because the dark is there. I really liked that they picked these stories, I am sure kids will be able to relate to Alexandra.

The art is quite nice, but at times a bit so-so. I do like the style, and I also liked that the colour red comes back while the rest is black and white.

All in all, this was a pretty cute book, and I would recommend it.

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