Review for Anna Liza and the Happy Practice

Review for Anna Liza and the Happy Practice

29856113I spotted this book in the library, and just had to take it with me. It looked adorable. A little girl who wants to be a psychiatrist like her mom.

It was quite cute that though she knew she couldn’t become one just yet, she just practised, she talked to people in the waiting room, she tried to cheer them up, she tried to make them laugh. I am not sure if everyone would appreciate it, after all depression and sadness isn’t easily solved, and at times you don’t really want someone to shove their happiness in your face. But, I still thought the girl was nice and friendly for at least trying.

Though I have to say that I found her ideas a tad bit too dangerous at times. And I can imagine her mom not wanting her to do them. It amazes me that the dad didn’t sue, he could have died thanks to the girl and her plans. Sure, it went a total different way, and it caused happiness instead of pain, but I can just imagine what could have happened. 😐

I just found it a bit silly that each page only had a small bit of text and the rest was empty.

The art/illustrations were cute, fluffy, and fitted perfectly with Anna’s happiness.

All in all though, I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it.


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