Review for Anne Happy: Unhappy Go Lucky! Vol.3

Review for Anne Happy: Unhappy Go Lucky! Vol.3

I was so worried this one was lost with the mail, as another one from the same batch did get in. But after a few days it finally popped up! Yay!

The third volume, and nothing new for me as an anime watcher. Everything in here was also used in the anime. And yes, at times that was a tad bit boring, but luckily the stories were still quite fun and I did enjoy seeing them again.

I do wish we would see the test scores for once. It seems that we never really see them, at times we get some mention on ranking, but not much, and that is a shame. I wouldn’t mind to see a chart to see where each of the girls would stand. Of course I am sure Botan and Anne would be on top of the list. 😛 Those two never have any luck. Botan with her body. Anne with well everything.

But I still love Anne and her attitude. So many things go wrong in her life. She gets attacked by animals, she falls into rivers, she gets stuck, animals escape to find her, thunderstorms happen because of her, and so much more. However, she doesn’t let that faze her and just continue her life in a happy-go-lucky way, never seeing anything bad. And I admire that. A lot of people would probably just give up on things, but not Anne. Though of course, her friends stop her from going to places just to make sure she is safe.

Botan, Botan, while I do like the character, it does annoy me that she gets sick/breaks/chokes/etc. all the time. The gag and the jokes just run a bit bitter. I don’t think it is funny that someone constantly is on the verge of dying. Plus it also gets annoying. Can’t the girl do anything?
Luckily in this one she showed that she also has a different side to her constant frail part. She really saved everyone by knowing that little titbit.

Hibari-chan is definitely my fav out of the 3 girls. She is a sweet, amazing, smart girl who is learning so much with her new friends, and I am so happy to see her get out of her shell and starts smiling.

So in this volume we have swimming, a sleep-over, exam time, plans for the summer. I definitely like the swimming part the most (even if it had that annoying teacher, I really hope she will see in that the Happiness class is worth it. ), and the test thing last. Why? The test thing worked much better in anime. Now it just felt it took ages to get anywhere.

But all in all, I definitely loved this volume, and I can’t wait for Volume 4.

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