Review for Barbie Puppies #1: Puppy Party

Review for Barbie Puppies #1: Puppy Party

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am not really a barbie fan, I used to be when I was a kid, but I just couldn’t resist this one when I spotted it over at Netgalley. It looked adorable, it had puppies, it had parties, what more could I want.

Before I start with the good, I have to say I am rating this one star lower because of the puppies. I didn’t like the parts with the puppies, and the fact they could “talk”. They were annoying, and I didn’t like how they acted. Luckily they don’t take much of a spotlight, but their parts did become parts I dreaded. Sure they looked cute, but that was all.

Barbie, and her sisters, were fun, and I loved what they planned to do. It is really sweet of them to plan such a party, and to also include the shelter with it. They really helped out a lot. Chelsea was definitely the star in this one with her dancing and how she swayed the older lady.

I was happy with the ending, glad the girls didn’t forget the puppies, then again I already knew they wouldn’t as they truly love these little fellows and they care about them.

I definitely liked that this wasn’t only about Barbie, but also about her sisters, this might make it even more accessible to little kids as well.

The art was pretty decent. The style fits with my image of Barbie perfectly.

All in all, a pretty good graphic novel, just a shame of the puppies.

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