Review for Bites Collection: thirty bite-sized horror stories

Review for Bites Collection: thirty bite-sized horror stories

So I still had this Bites Collection of Darcy Coates that I really wanted to read.

It sounded so awesome. Little bite-sized horror stories, perfect with a cup of tea. Some stories are 2/3, some are 5-ish pages. All in all, they are all short. For some that worked, for others it didn’t. Some just needed more pages to have their story fleshed out more.

The book contains a varied menu of evil. From ghosts, to beasts of unknown names.

Here are my ratings + comments per story.

Footsteps in the night: 4.5 stars. Oh my, I did not expect that ending. If this is how all the stories will be, short, but very very then I will be a happy girl.

The Dog’s Grave Digger: 4 stars. Okkkkkkaaayyyy I did not expect that. I had to re-read a few times to make sure it was really that as it came out of the blue, but it was definitely a great twist.

Flotsam: 2 stars. Sorry, but whut? This didn’t make any sense and was totally weird. So she just took that with her? Why? confused

The Last Bus: 3.5 stars. o.0 wow that was creepy as hell. I already had a suspicion that something was up, but I didn’t expect that. No sirree I did not expect that at all. o.0

House for sale: 3 stars. What the hell? Why would you even dare to sell the house? To a couple of newlyweds (+the girl was pregnant). I wish that there was a law making this crap illegal. You know what went on in the house, you know what will happen again, and you can live with that? You are just as bad as the person who did all of those things in the past. 😐

Abandoned: 4 stars. Oh My, this was definitely creepy as hell, I still have goosebumps. Poor guy!

Radio: 4.5 stars. Wow. That twist at the ending, of course I could have guessed it, but I was deep in the story. I so hope I never come across that radio channel while in the car. shivers

The Resident: 4.5 stars. Yeahhhhh nope nope nope nope and more nope! shivers

Bogrot: 4 stars. Oh my gosh. Creeeeeeeepyyyyyy! It was a bit boring at the beginning, but it definitely went up 1.5 stars due to the ending. Holy.

Beanie’s Fast Food: 3.5 stars. While I can imagine what truly happened at the end, it felt a bit weird, maybe if it was a few pages longer it would have been better.

Ghost Town: 1.5 stars. Meh didn’t care that much for the character. I found him rude, and also incredibly stupid. So you would just go into an abandoned building and follow the sound of kid’s voices? Hahahha, no. Why? Really, why?

99 Messages: 4.5 stars. Short but very effective, and creepy as well. I can’t imagine the fear that creeps up on you when you get closer to the single digits in the messages. 🙁

After Closing: 1 star. Boring, bland, though it did have potential. Maybe if it turned into a longer story it would be even better.

Bunker: 1 star. yawn That one was boring. Totally not creepy. I was just shaking my head at this guy and what he did.

What Lives In the Woods: 1 star. It was creepy, though I have no clue what is going on. So Karin and Fel got eaten? Or something? What is that thing in the forest? Why did Fel drive like a maniac (because of the monster, though that would be a bit weird)? Too many question. A shame, again, this story would work better if it was longer.

Quarantine: 1 star. Meh, meh and more meh. It could have been so much better, but I already had my suspicions on what was going to happen. Also again, a space story, just like in the other book. While it fits because it is a horror, it just feel strange to find oneself in space suddenly.

Room for Rent: 3.5 stars. Much better than the previous stories, though I did see the twist coming, then again, wrong person. 😛 Good twist, good story.

The Woman in the Morgue: 4 stars. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my! Creepy, and that ending!

Great Aunt Enid: 1.5 stars. Meh. Aunt Enid was creepy, but this was definitely one of the tamer stories. A bit too tame for me.

Overheard: 4 stars. Ah, we are back to scary/creepy NOPE stories. This was definitely a story that started nice and sweet, but got creepier and ended in total NOPE.

The Cleaners: 1 star. Oh wait, we are back to yawn again. Sorry but this was just boring. The last sentences were interesting, but didn’t save this story from getting a 1 star.

Left Behind: 4 stars. The title does spoil the ending a bit, which is a shame. But other than that this was a good story, and it gave me goosebumps as it is a terrifying idea that people might just well… read the story. 😛

Diagen: 0.5 stars. Whut? Just whut? I have no clue what is going on in this story. Just that there is suddenly something, and there it ends.

Undeparted: 2 stars. Another what is happening here story. It was quite good (at least 3 stars) until the ending.

Hazard Lights: 5 stars. This was an amazing, spine-tingling, and slightly gory story. Man, I wouldn’t want to be in that girl’s shoes. No way. shivers It makes one wonder where those creatures came from. If more people know about them.

Snow Hunting: 4 stars. Oh my. I am sure that those boys didn’t think this would happen when they did what they did in this story. Creepy!

Host: 3 stars. The hell did I just read? Urgh, I feel sick now. That poor woman. 🙁

The Empty Church: 1 star. Sorry, but it was creepy but I have no clue what is going on. Like with a few other stories I think it would have been better if this one was a bit longer. Had some backstory. Now even the ending felt lacklustre and weird.

In the Space Above the Wardrobe: 5 stars. Oh yes, this is what I wanted to read. That ending, I will definitely be checking all the corners in my home now. 😛

The Sightless: 3 stars. Good idea, good story, but a bit boring and bland and the ending was a bit meh.

As you can see a very mixed bag, but it held quite a few shiny gems that I will not forget so soon. I loved the variety of evil, sometimes these short story books tend to go for one topic, but this one just picks a huge variety, from humans to the supernatural.

So I would recommend this book if you are looking for something creepy, something spine-tingly.

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