Review for Burning

Review for Burning

I am slowly catching up on some YA books I have been wanting to read, and this one was the first up on my list.

Boy, I am so glad I read this one, it was amazing! Though slightly different from what I had thought. My expectations: Scary new little girl comes to the juvie where our MC is, strange things happen, dangerous things even, and no one is safe. What I actually got was just as awesome. It wasn’t just Jessica being strange or dangerous, but someone who came with Jessica, Dr. Gruen, who is the real scary person. And no, this is not a spoiler, sorry, that woman gave me the creeps from the get-go, and it only intensified as the story continued.

Angela was quite a terrific MC, I really loved her, and I felt for her. Especially later on when we find out more about her past, about what landed her there (stupidity and bad decisions), we find out about her mom (boy what a bad mom she has). She has to make some tough decisions in this one. Save, and protect, Jessica or help Dr. Gruen and possibly hurt Jessica. There are various things that happen that really make the decisions that Angela must make a tough one. From threats, to various things that happen and that frighten Angela.
I could just see Angela, I could see her struggle, I could see her resist, I could see her go through the halls of the juvie, I could see her worry about her friends Issie and Cara, I could see her fall in love with someone she shouldn’t fall in love with. It isn’t always I can perfectly visualise a character.

Cara and Issie were great characters, I loved both of them, and also their backstories and all about their families. Yes, even if they are side characters you know as much about them as the MC or Jessica. I loved how these 3 were such good friends, how they each tried to help the other, how they each tried to protect the other. During some times I was definitely worried for their safety. Not only because of the whole SciGirl situation, but also due to this taking place in a juvie and that is just not a happy and safe place.

Jessica, definitely my second fav character. She was a lovely, sweet girl, though I have to be honest that I was scared out of my mind when we first see her. But then you see another side to her. You see that she is just a 10 year old girl, a 10 year old girl with powers yes, but she is still a kid. She loves animals, she loves monster trucks, she is afraid, worried, and unhappy at times. I loved seeing her get a bit happier when she was with Angela and her friends. I loved seeing her talk more, and try more things.

The story really does an effective job on getting more and more creepy with each passing page. There are twists and turns everywhere, and I just loved them all. Dr Gruen and what she wanted to do was written really well, and the book really got a hold of me and didn’t let me go.

The ending was a bit of a disappointment, though I guess it works. I wouldn’t have minded seeing an epilogue though. A bit more of a conclusion than what it is now.

But in overall I just loved this book, and I would recommend it to everyone. Mystery, some romance, friendship, danger, and this all taking place in a juvie (well for most at least). Highly recommended!

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