Review for Dead Girls Society

Review for Dead Girls Society

21897920This.Was.Amazing! I am so glad I read this one. I haven’t had that much luck with YA this year, but this one is definitely a hit!

It will keep you guessing for all of the book. Who is the Society? What is their goal?

I haven’t had any luck writing the review, sometimes it words don’t come. But I do want to write something, so I will go for my trusty: Good/Bad kind of review.

Let me start with Good:

-The Society. I was just so excited to find out who was doing these things, who was making up the dares, who picked these girls and why, how could they afford all that money and the prizes. Questions just kept tumbling through my brain, and I loved it. Each page brought us closer to the uncovering of The Society. Each page brought more information.
Of course The Society went from just a cute game to earn money to something much much more dangerous.
-The actual revelation was a brilliant thing, and I totally loved it. I had my suspicions, but I have seen enough books that suddenly had a twist at the ending that would flip your world.
-The dares. They were dangerous, but oh so exciting. I thought them very creative, as it really pushed the contestants to do things they might normally not dare to do.
-Our MC’s illness. I can see that the author did some great research on the topic.
-The MC herself. I loved how she wanted to do things, even while knowing that she might not live that long, or might have to takes medicines and all sorts of other things to make her life better. Some people might give up, but not the MC, she wants to see the world, she wants to try out things. She doesn’t give up, and I loved that so much. Go go girl!
-The romance. It didn’t feel weird, though I do have to say I was a bit annoyed that it took them so long to find out that they both liked each other. 😛 I mean, seriously, from the first mention of the guy I knew she liked him, and that he liked her. I think anyone who reads this one will see it immediately. I won’t say anything if they get together or not, you will have to read the book.
-I love the cover! It is what I imagine is how the envelope looks like. The envelope our girls get.
-Various side characters are great. Some took me a bit to start liking, but some I immediately liked.
-The ending, on the one hand I am a bit angry, but on the other hand, now I just want more.

-Well actually I just have one bad. Yes. One. The mother. I know she means well, I know she is worried, but you have to let your daughter take her own decisions. She is now 16/17, and sorry, you can’t lock her up like a princess. You can’t deny her the world.
I get that it is hard. I get that you are worried she might get worse. But she has to learn about the world, do you want her to die eventually without having had a life of her own? No. Well then, let her be free. I am sure she knows how her meds work, I am sure she knows who to call when it goes wrong. And yes, she will make mistakes, yes, she might get worse, but she needs to be free and explore the world, she needs to get up on her own legs and live her life.
I also didn’t like how the mom went into the school with her daughter. Nice trust you have there. Maybe next time just call the nurse at the end of the day and ask if she knows everything there is, and if she has questions. Just trust your kid a bit more.

So as you can see, a lot of good, and just one bad. I truly loved this book, and I am so happy that I read it. I just love books about dares, about societies, about mystery.

I would highly recommend this one to everyone.


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