Review for Dead Lake

Review for Dead Lake

Haha, so the plan yesterday was to see how far I would get and just read the rest the next day, as I was dead tired, and just wanted to read something before sleeping. And then it was 40 minutes later and I had finished the entire book. Oops!

This book takes place at the famous Harob Lake/forest/area. Yes, the same Harob from the Once Returned story. And yes, we do see the creature that our MC saw in the Once Returned book. Or at least I think we did. It acted in much the same way as the thing from Once Returned. I think it is awesome that the writer added this little detail + also has the setting at Harob area again.

The story was pretty awesome, though at times I was just shaking my head at the stupidity of the MC. I already don’t really get why anyone would go to an area alone, as a woman, where one doesn’t have electricity, phone reception, or anything really. I would NOPE my way out of here. I am not a wussy, but really, I wouldn’t do this kind of thing. Solitude is nice and all, but I like to have some options available to me so I can call, or mail, or anything really, with the outside world should something go wrong. Things could go wrong, and not only because you are alone and there might be a bad people outside, but what if you fall of the stairs? Or you take a hike and suddenly find yourself lost? I would like some options available. And yes, she had a two-way radio, but really, if something goes wrong do you think you can reach that in time? Do you think you can just figure out the codes when you are in a life/death situation?

So yeah, I was already thinking this wasn’t a good idea when I read about it. But then things start going wrong, a strange man is on her property. Paintings start to happen. Strange things happen at night. But what does our girl do? Just stay there and swing an axe around. 😐
Even when she finds out about the murders she just stays. OK, at that point she probably was already screwed, maybe even from the moment the strange man saw her. But still. I would have just called someone on the two-way radio, or the walkie talkie she later gets, and just get the hell out of here. That would have been my plan. I also wouldn’t have let the walkie talkie out of my sight. I would hold it wherever I went.

The book was definitely creepy, and it gets creepier with each and every turning page. Especially with the whole blacking out and waking up to a mountain of paintings that depict several gruesome scenes. I have to say for quite a time I thought she had something to do with all these murders. 😛 But then other things started to happen which made me switch to someone else.

I am still curious if our MC is able to draw/paint again after this event. Sure, at the moment she can’t do anything, but I do hope her block is gone and she is able to draw/paint freely again. I am not a painter/drawer, but I know the feelings when you want to create something and you just can’t because it won’t work no matter what you do.

The ending was scary, creepy, and I had a bad case of goosebumps. 😛 I definitely loved the ending though. I already had a suspicion x wasn’t bad, and it was confirmed!

I am also happy with the ending for another reason, which I can’t list as that would be a big spoiler.

All in all, this was one creepy book, with a few horror clichés thrown in the mix. It has a good MC (though at times you just want to shake her around to get her head clear again), a good side character, a great story, and a lovely (but creepy) ending. Believe me, you won’t be able to stop reading when you start this one.

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