Review for Devil Survivor Vol.1

Review for Devil Survivor Vol.1

25852962I am definitely happy I found this one during my bargain miracle hunt. 😛

I still want to play the game for this one, and also for all the others in this genre. I also have to say that this intro, while for a earlier series, is immensely helping me if I want to try my hand on watching Devil Survivor 2 again. So many explanations about skills, monsters, demons, and more. Sure, DS2 is quite a bit different, but it quite cleared up some questions I had when I watched the first episode back when it first aired. The Devil Survivor 2 show just jumped right into the action, and as of today I was quite confused about a lot.

This was a really good volume with lots of action, with lots of things happening, but all explained really well. Our group of 3 gets some modified comps and find out they can summon monsters to battle other monsters. I loved how our group didn’t immediately know what to do, that there was much confusion and fear, I always find it a bit boring when a MC just immediately knows what to do, it just doesn’t feel real.

The monsters are creepy, deadly, and will not stop until they reached their goal.

Out of the 3 characters (not counting Naoya) I loved the MC the most, followed by Yuzu, though then the later Yuzu. In the beginning she was just a bit too annoying. Yes, I can understand these monsters are scary, but it is either fight or die.

The MC was great, resourceful, helpful, friendly. He tried his best to help his friends, he is the one figuring out how things work. Plus I liked how he looked. 😛

I am really curious about why Naoya picked these 3 (yes, they are friends, but I am sure there is a deeper reason), and what is going on with the world. Why did monsters suddenly start appearing? What is up with the underground? Are the toxic gasses real?

The art is pretty great, and I like it a lot.

All in all, I definitely have to hunt for the rest of this series as I want to see what happens now. Can this world be saved? Will we gain more friends that can help out?


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