Review for Holding Up The Universe

Review for Holding Up The Universe

5+ stars. This was just absolutely beautiful!

I was at first a bit worried about reading this one, unlike so many of my friends, I didn’t like her first book (and yes, I tried). I was worried this might be the same kind of book, the same kind of writing. But then I started reading it, and I couldn’t stop, well I had to, so I had to wait until the next day for me to finish the book, but you get what I mean. 😛

The book is written from two POVs. A girl, Libby, who has weight problems, though she is already much healthier than she was when they had to get her out of her house by means of a crane. A boy, Jack, who at first sight seems to be a cocky blehbleh guy, but in fact is a sweet guy who makes bad decisions. He has Prosopagnosia, meaning that he can’t recognise faces. Not even those in his family, not even his own. The paths of these two characters come together due to something that happens, and from there on you see them grow together, and eventually also love.

I was a bit worried about the love to be honest. Jack did a bad thing, and Libby punished him fairly for it. I was worried that quite soon they would fall in love. In a cliché way. But no, it took quite a bit for them to figure it out, for both of them to see the other as someone they will love. I especially loved how Libby found out that Jack was cute, nice, and had that guyness over him. 😛 It felt perfect, that moment, not rushed, not weird, but perfect. I was just kyaaing all over it.
And even then it takes some time for them both to fully realise what this means, and I have to say that I loved their parts together, but also loved the ending and what happened there. Yes, I cried. It was just such a lovely moment.

I also loved both of the characters, Libby for her kick-assness and what she did. She wasn’t afraid, yes, she wasn’t happy, she was at times pissed, but I loved how she kept her head up, stayed strong, and even did some stuff that I think no one would do, especially with her weight. still remembers that one scene, and how proud she was of Libby for doing that
I was also so impressed with how this girl worked hard to get better, how hard she worked to get thinner again, to get healthier.
Her backstory, and how she gained her weight? It was sad, it was heartbreaking, and I could understand why she would eat so much. I think most people would find a comfort in eating, eating, and more eating.
I definitely loved that this girl loved dancing, and wasn’t afraid to just stand up and dance. Just do it, and just don’t care that your body might be bigger than the average person. I was also applauding when she decided to just go for the Damsel audition. Go go girl!
She was oh so sweet with Jack, and I loved how understanding she was. Some people might just not be so understanding or nice (Caroline), but this girl, she even went with Jack to an university to have him tested. That is just awesome.

Jack, at the beginning I didn’t like him that much, but he quickly grew on me, and I started to see another side to him. I don’t have what he has, but I can imagine how terrifying, how frightening, how difficult it must be to not be able to recognise people. Not even your mom, your brother, or other family members. How hard it must be to navigate school when you don’t know who is who. He had some tactics (identifiers) to see who was who, but people like to change things, or wear hats, and there goes the identifier.
At times I screamed at him to just go to his parents and tell them. I am sure they could support him, help him, and maybe understand him better.
Though then again, with the situation with his parents, with his dad especially, I could imagine it might have taken him a bit longer to spill the secret.

The counselling parts were definitely fun, that teacher/counsellor was a great guy, and I loved how he tried to help out the kids. How he did all sorts of fun things to get them out of their shell, to get talking, to understand what they did wasn’t right. He was a great guy.

Libby’s dad was another person I quite liked, he was sweet, and did his best for his daughter. Even during the time of her growing in size, he tried his best (while mourning) to find doctors, and help. I loved how he helped out Libby, how he listened to her, and how protective he was. How she could always go to him if things didn’t go well. How he was open to her ideas, and he supported her plans.

The ending was beautiful, and I loved it so so so much.

The book definitely brought out a flood of emotions for me. From happiness to sadness, to happiness, to anger. I went through a whole rollercoaster of them. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Wonderful written characters, engaging plot, beautiful ending.

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