Review for Interview with Monster Girls Vol.1

Review for Interview with Monster Girls Vol.1

So happy I bought this one, it was fantastic, and now I am even more eager for the anime. \o/

Welcome to a world were demi humans just live among the humans. There aren’t seemingly a lot of them, given that in one school there are only 3/4 and that is a lot apparently according to the teacher.

The 4 girls (well, 3 girls and a woman) are a Dullahan, a vampire, a snowwoman, and a succubus. It was great fun getting to know these 4 characters, and also see how their lives work, and go. Our vampire gets a bag of blood once a month, but we also see she much prefers being a vegetarian. Our snowwoman can collapse due to heat, but there are also some other things that don’t go so well in her life. The Dullahan was really cute, though it was a bit unnerving to just see her hold her head like that, and even later, went shopping with the teacher while he held her head. I know, I know, everyday stuff for a Dullahan, but for me it isn’t. 😛
Then we have our succubus, and I have to say I felt sorry for the woman. She just wants to look nice, she just wants to find a boyfriend, but she knows that will be tough considering what she is and how her body works.

I am quite curious if there are more demis (yes, that is what our vampire said to call them) in this world, and if so where are they? And what are they?

The teacher is a truly nice guy, and I loved how much he cared about the demis. Not only because he wants to interview them, but he really cares about them beyond that. He tries to help them out. Holding them when things get tough, helping them out in the form of a group/club so they can talk about demi things.
I loved how sweet he was when he came in contact with the succubus. Awww! <3 <3

The story was hilarious, and I just laughed my butt off. Though one chapter was a bit sad, but it all ended well, so I was happy again.

The art is also really good, I love how the characters are drawn. Though I have to say the Dullahan girl could use a bit more improvement.

All in all though, I will definitely buy the rest of this series too as it comes out in English, and of course I will be watching the series when it airs.

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