Review for Puppy Love

Review for Puppy Love

I finally found another Angela Nicely book! Another 3 stories, and all of them oh so funny.

We have 3 stories, the first is Angela wanting a puppy, but her mom doesn’t want it and her dad just goes with what the mom wants. The second one is her trying her best to get her teacher to be Best Teacher of the Year. And the last is Angela and her friends going camping with some scout thing.

Out of the 3 my favourite definitely was the first one. Poor Angela, wants a puppy, and does her best to show her parents she can handle one, and that she will take good care of him/her. You can imagine how that ends. 😛

I did like the last one, but with Tiffany being a bitch again… meh. I just don’t like her in the story, and just wish she was gone. She is horrible and she shows yet again that her type of character always wins with the adults. I wish it was the other way around for once.

I was quite confused by the whole revenge part in the last story, and even now I don’t really get it. The shoes on the pile are clearly from Tiffany, so they must have gotten her clothes, yet they didn’t? Whut?

Of course the book is illustrated by David Roberts, and I just love seeing his illustrations in books. 🙂 Angela is just as I would imagine her, and the same goes for various other characters.

All in all, I want to read the rest of this series as well. And I would recommend this book!

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