Review for Quarter to Midnight: Fifteen Tales of Horror and Suspense

Review for Quarter to Midnight: Fifteen Tales of Horror and Suspense

This was definitely an awesome read!

I am falling more and more in love with this writer’s stories. They are creepy, fun, interesting, and often bring a nice twist ending.

Lights Out: 4.5 stars. A story about a store that gets new mannequins and stuff starts to go wrong. It was really creepy, and the ending, wow, I just felt sorry for the girl.

Mirror Man: 5 stars. Welp, guess I will skip looking at a mirror today. o.0 Maybe forever. o.0 That sure was creepy, and I wondered why she never went to find help.

Crypt: 2 stars. A bit boring and could have been so much more. I wonder why no one believed that kid, especially when there is truly something there. The ending was OK, it was sad though.

Whose Woods Are These: 3 stars. It was a bit boring at times (especially in the beginning), and I thought the MC was just way too stupid for climbing a fence (gee, why would there be a fence) and getting in deep trouble. The what was haunting the woods? Creeeeepyyyyy. The ending was terrific, I wonder why that thing never did that before.

Cutty Street Lamp: 3 stars. Ohhh, haunting/spooky street lamps. Nice idea, but it was a bit boring until things really started happening, and then I just felt sorry for the boy.

The Mannequin: 3 stars. OH look another mannequin story. Boring, but also because of the other mannequin story at the beginning I already knew what would happen and how it would end. 🙁 Sometimes it works to have multiple stories with the same kind of evil, but with mannequins there is only so much you can do with them it seems.

Dead Call: 2.5 stars. -1 star for that weird ending. It was good up to the point it suddenly switched to some random article? Unless the fact that thing that was calling had something to do with the hole? Premonition? No clue. Really no clue.

Lucy: 4 stars. Definitely an interesting story, I feel a bit sorry for the town, and I also wonder what else is so strange about the place. I also feel sorry for Lucy, though it seems she isn’t harming anyone with her actions, not like most of the beings in this book.

Sub Basement: 4 stars. Dang, that was just creepy as hell. 😐 Poor people who work there. I am kind of curious what is in the basement. I know I would rather get fired though then go down there. shivers 4 stars mostly because it took quite a bit for it to get really creepy and scary. There were some events happening, but it wasn’t until mid/two third of the story that I was truly scared.

The Watcher: 3.5 stars. Welp, I would be like nope nope, and no thank you if that was the initiation to a book club. Really? Watching for something that might come out and kill you? Are you guys sure it is a book club and not some horror cult thing.
But 3.5 stars, because that ending and because I want to know more about this creature. shivers

The Mallory House: 5 stars. Whoop, this one was brilliant, I didn’t see that coming! Effective little story!

The Crawlspace: 3.5 stars. Oh this one connects back to the Street Lamp story! Really creepy, though it feels a bit unfinished. There is so much more to tell, and I wonder why x happened.

Hitchhiker: 3.5 stars. Ohhh, creepy! I rated it 3.5 stars because it was a bit of a weird story and I am still not entirely sure what is going on. I would also have liked to see if she ended up all right.

Mannering House: 4.5 stars! (Decided to up my rating just because of that ending) That ending was just brilliant. I love it when a writer does this. I never noticed, but now that I flip back I do see the hints. 😛

Station 331: 3.5 stars. Only because it felt so out of place. Yes, it was creepy, and yes I knew right away what was going on when Carly came back, but it just didn’t seem to fit with all the other stories that took place on earth.

But as you can see, the majority of the book is pretty great, and I liked and loved many of the stories. I will definitely be avoiding some places in my house now. 😛

The cover is also creepy. It is like she is looking directly at you, licking her lips in anticipation for a late night snack.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a creepy horror book and like short stories.

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