Review for Say Car For Me

Review for Say Car For Me

While I am waiting for Cinder & Ella book 2, I was delightfully delighted when I found out there was a short story out in the world.

It has been almost 2 years since I read Cinder & Ella, so it took me a few pages to get back in the story, but when I did, wow! I just loved and read with the speed of light. I wanted to know what Brian’s reaction was when he found out who Ella was. That she was so close by him, that he could almost touch her. Hold her.

This scene was already lovely from Ella’s POV, but from Brian’s? It was even better, and it gave a big insight in what he thought during that moment that things go wrong. Not only Ella is destroyed when she learns of Brian and Kaylee (when she finds out that Brian is the guy she has been talking to for some time), but you can also see what Brian thinks of it all. How sorry he feels, how sad, how he wishes it was different.

I also loved their banter. How fiercely protective they were about what they thought about the book and the characters. It was all so cute!

It is only 29 pages long, but it definitely is awesome, and I am happy that Kelly Oram wrote this scene, and I can also see why she picked this one. It is an important one in which our characters find out about each other.

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