Review for Scooby Apocalypse Vol. 1

Review for Scooby Apocalypse Vol. 1

Yes, this isn’t out yet, however the 6 issues that this one is comprised of are all out.

When I spotted this I just fell in love. I love Scooby Doo, have watched all the shows, the movies, the specials, even the live action. I have read several books/graphic novels about Scooby and the gang. Yes, I am a big big fan. So you can imagine that I just had to try this one out. Scooby Doo in a different setting? Apocalypse? Monsters? Real ones at that (and not like as it is in most Scooby series that the monsters are just humans)? Yes, yes and yes please!

The characters are slightly different. Velma, Shaggy and Scooby know each other because they work/are at the same place. They do know of Daphne and Fred, but mostly because of the fact that Daphne is making her own TV show. Until this event they weren’t a team. Well, even after all the crap that happened they weren’t that much of a team. Yes, Daphne, Fred, Scooby, and Shaggy are a team, but Velma is a bit of an outsider. She does get grudgingly accepted, but most still don’t trust her because of her involvement with the apocalypse situation. Which is totally logic.
Even if they are slightly different they are still so much the same. Daphne is definitely the most changed though. She is less ditzy, and more focused. But you can still see it is Daphne. Fred is still Fred, always in love with Daphne, and quite a bit of an idiot at times. Shaggy still eats everything and isn’t always the smartest. Scooby, well he is now a bit of a cyberdog, but still totally awesome, even more awesome if I have to say because he does some kick-ass things in here. Velma, well even though I hated her (while I normally like her) she is still smart, still anti-social, still awkward.

I love how even though this is a new version of the Scooby Gang they still wear the same-ish clothes. Shaggy still wears jeans and a green shirt. Fred has his ascot and white shirt + dress pants. Daphne still loves purple and still has an orange scarf. Velma, well Velma just wears the same stuff she always does. And Scoob, is just Scoob, just now with some fancy thing over his eye. 😛

I did love that the relationships between characters was still pretty much set. I liked seeing things like Shaggy being interested in Velma come back. 🙂

I did like that in this one Scooby’s speech thing was explained. I loved that they added that, and also added why he was so sweet and kind. It is just perfect.

We get a bit of a backstory on Velma and how the project came to what it is. But sorry, even after that I still can’t like her. Especially when she clearly says she is lying.
Which is kind of odd for me, as I normally love Velma. But apparently in this version I just want to throttle her and throw her in front of some monsters.

The monsters are definitely creepy, and I am curious to see what our gang will be doing now. How will they survive. They got some epic weapons at least, especially Daphne, and I just loved seeing her blast some monster ass, even if it took her a bit to actually do it. Which I can imagine, those monsters were human not that long ago. 🙁

There was a lot of talking, and that was a bit annoying, I would rather have a bit more action and mystery. Now I sometimes got a bit bored with it all. Yes, I know the monsters are out there, yes, we get that x and y, and z happened. Really, just get on with it.

And yes, this might sound silly, but I am giving this book 0.5 stars less than I wanted to. Why? Because they introduced the worst character in the franchise back again. Scrappy Doo. Aka, why is he still not dead, erased, gone, exterminated from this planet and franchise? I hated him in every Scooby series. He was rotten puppy. He was a bad puppy. He was terrible to Scooby, and also to various other characters. 😐

The art is pretty good, though at times the eyes are a bit weird (the whole eye is coloured in instead of just the iris). But mostly I am definitely liking the art and how it looks.

But I am definitely a fan of this comic, and I will definitely be reading further issues/volumes. I want to know how it will go, and what our gang will do to fight the monsters and save the world!

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