Review for Small Horrors: A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories

Review for Small Horrors: A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories

So when I saw that this author had bundled her previous 30 stories, revised them, and wrote 20 more stories, I just had to buy this book.

So the following stories are already read (The Dog’s Grave Digger, The Sightless, Flotsam, Great Aunt Enid, Footsteps in the Night, Those Who Live in the Woods, Ghost Town, Hazard Lights, The Resident, Host, Overheard, An Empty Church, Room for Rent, Snow Hunting, The Woman in the Morgue, Undeparted, Left Behind, The Last Bus, House for Sale, Diagen, Bunker, Abandoned, Radio, Bogrot, Beanie’s Fast Food, 99 Messages, After Closing, Quarantine, Space Above the Wardrobe, The Cleaners) and you can find the review for them here.

I just have two updates on stories:
Flotsam: Just skimmed through this and I can see why she took that head with her. Also there were a few little changes, very little, but it was fun seeing them.
Diagen: Re-read this one, and it made much more sense now. Maybe because I re-read it, or maybe things have been revised, but now I get it. So I will up my rating from 0.5 stars to 3 stars.

I have to say that I liked the 20 stories a bit more than the 30 stories in the previous book. The 20 new stories were mostly hit! I am not counting the re-read story of Diagen, but my rating for the Bites Collection 30 stories was a 3.5 stars.
These 20 stories would get a 4 stars.
I combined all my ratings for the previous stories (with the re-count of Diagen) + the new stories and I came to a nice and neat number of 4 stars.

So here are my ratings + comments for the new stories.

Knocker: 5 stars. Ohhhh this was a good story. Creepy, and I definitely liked the twist at the ending. I had goosebumps all over my body. I do hope our girl survives this.

Sixth Floor: 4 stars. What a dummy. Did he think it would be that easy? But it was creepy, and I was a bit confused at first, but it became clearer quickly what was going on.

Red Morning: 3.5 stars. This was an odd story. Like with other stories from the previous short story collection, some just need a bit more pages. Now it felt incomplete, odd, and weird. Of course I do get what happened, but I am still wondering about the why. Also I didn’t expect that to be it. I thought it would be something different.

Surf: 3 stars. What? That is all I can say about this story. Quite a fun idea, but really, what? Why is it suddenly dangerous?”

Music Box: 4 stars. OMG, well that was creepy as hell. o.0 I am a bit curious as to who put that music box there the first, and the second time. But all in all, a terrific story that was very creepy.”

The Magpie Girl: 4 stars. Gore, gruesomeness, and a policeman who got a fair chunk of karma for what he did. 😐 No one deserves what happened to the guy, but really, he did cross a lot of borders, and look what happened. 😐 I felt more sorry for the girl than for the policeman.

Snowbound: 4.5 stars. Well, golly great, I do hope I never get stuck in a train during a snowstorm. 😐 I will definitely remember this story then. shivers That was just scary as hell.

Red Oak House: 4.5 stars. Oh, I do love a good haunted house story. And this was definitely a good story. Creepy, scary, and that ending, wow!

The Monster and the Moors: 3.5 stars. That ending! This story went from creepy, to creepier. The only reason I am not giving this higher is because I was hoping x was real.

Angel of Mercy: 4.5 stars. Boy, I did not see that one coming! That was awesome! And also kind of sad. 🙁 Definitely one of my favourite stories from the new batch so far.

Tune: 4.5 stars. Well, I didn’t expect that to be the tune/reason for that tune. Poor guy. 🙁 It must be hard to live with that knowledge now. I definitely like the story though. It was creative and interesting.

Witch’s book: 4 stars. Oh, not an adult protagonist for once, but kids. That is pretty rare, most of this author’s stories about about adults. It was a good story though, and I liked the ending, it was a bit scary, but also well done. Poor Zoe, though maybe she should have kept her attitude a bit in control.

Doll: 4 stars. shiversDoll stories, I don’t like those, they are often just too creepy for me. And this one was exactly like that. Though I do wish to know who send that doll, and also why? Guess we will never find out, so I will just wish the best to the girl.

Underhouse: 4 stars. Wow, I did not expect that ending to happen. Creepy…. The whole story was already a goosebump party, the idea you can just crawl under your house like that, never knowing if there might be something lurking. shivers

Toxic: 1 stars. Sorry, but I don’t get why that had to happened, it wasn’t like our MC had anything to do with what happened. She was just working there, at the front desk, not even during that time and at that place, so I am sorry, but what? This just didn’t make sense. Instead of creeped out, I was annoyed as hell.

Skin House: 0.5 stars. Meh, it was disgusting as hell, and I wanted nothing but the story to be over. The ending was also confusing. 😐

Wax Museum: 4.5 stars. Ohhhh, a wax story! I just love those. Though I wonder why the guy wasn’t worried. He got hired so fast, didn’t he think something was wrong? I know he needed the job, but really? If I would get a job instantly without even having to show my credentials…. I would say no. Run away even. Wow, that sure was a creepy story! That ending!

Death Follows: 4 stars. Well, that was another creepy story, and I did love that Death was portrayed differently from all the other stories that are out there. This Death is much much creepier. The ending? Well, that is one way to escape Death for now, I guess….

Growth: 4 stars. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww to that ending. It was slightly confusing, but mostly it was a good story, though I have some questions. Mary was a bit annoying though.

Experimental: 0.5 stars. Meh, this was terribly boring, and I just was hoping for something to happen, but nothing really happened. Nothing scary at least.

I really enjoyed the stories, and I am so happy that the author made more bite-sized stories to enjoy and get goosebumps from. I now have no more Darcy Coates books to read (yes, there are some left, but none that I want to read), so I guess I will have to wait until January when a new book is supposed to come out. I can’t wait!

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