Review for Surviving High School

Review for Surviving High School

f4f0c65b-990d-4abb-973b-b798a7255bc5This was such a fun book!

I had the chance to promote this book in April (Book Blitz), and ever since then I have wanted to read this book, and I finally had a chance to do so!

At times it was a bit confusing (as I still have no clue what Vine is, or how it works, not because I am ancient, but because I just never have an interest in stuff like that), at times I was frustrated with Lele (especially when she became more and more famous), but mostly I loved and laughed a lot.

Lele, our MC, is just starting a new year at a new school. She is a bit awkward (but then again, who isn’t), but she is also a fun, happy character with a very outgoing (and sometimes dramatic) personality. We see how she lives through school, how she tries to make friends, tries to find a place to belong, all the while making funny Vine videos about her life and about all sorts of things. I loved how sweet she was, and how kind. I also laughed so much at how she saw life, and how funny she was. I could just imagine her sitting next to me and telling me her story.
But around halfway, or maybe better, when the fame started to pick up, I was getting a bit annoyed with her. At first it was cute, and I was definitely happy that she was getting more famous (she deserved it as she made hilarious videos with hilarious topics), but on the other hand… she started to not care about school (even more than she normally does), she acted all important, and several other things. I just wanted to smack her to get her back to normal Lele, because that girl was way more fun, and much nicer.
Luckily, later on she gets back to her more normal way of being Lele, and I was delighted that she finally saw the light and didn’t go all fame crazy.

I did like Lele parents and how sweet they were together. Though I think they were a bit lax on the whole party thing, and her not studying that much part. Live and let live and let you kid decide on her own is a nice philosophy, but really, you need to put a bit more weight behind things. They did say some stuff, but it just felt like they were reciting some script. An education is an important thing, you never know how long popularity lasts, or how long your videos will make people keep watching. Fame is fleeting.

The Alexei x Lele parts were fun, and cute, though I didn’t really see the chemistry that was supposed to be so apparent. If anything I preferred them staying friends. It just felt oh so awkward when stuff started to head to the romantic direction. Plus Lele changed so much, I do hope she won’t treat all her boyfriends like this otherwise she is in for a cat lady existence. 😐

I loved how the beginning of the chapters had the amount of subscribers, plus a hilarious title on what was going on in the chapter.

Darcy was definitely my favourite character next to Lele. She was so sweet, smart, and fun. And I was amazed at her patience with Lele. 😛

What more? Mm, well I just flew through this book and I loved a lot of the book. I laughed, I read quotes aloud to my boyfriend (who in turn laughed, or in case of the airhorn + annoying car owner, was agreeing with it all).

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Even if you are like me (no clue who Lele Pons is, or what Vine is) you will love this book.


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