Review for The Pokémon Cookbook

Review for The Pokémon Cookbook

I just had to have this Pokemon cookbook when it was announced months ago. And now that I read it I love it even more!

Not only do we have gorgeous photographs of all the delicious foods (though some look delicious, but in truth aren’t food I will be trying due to allergies). There are a whole lot of recipes, varying from lunch to dinner, to desserts and sweets, and much more. I definitely loved that they added such a variety of foods. Not only add one kind, but just add all them, so you can even make a whole day a Pokemon day.

I loved that there is a lot of help, tips, and little diagrams to help you out with how to place stuff the right way so that it will look correctly. I have to say that some stuff was pretty tricky, so I am glad there were diagrams to help out.

They also added a few pages on equipment, some foods that will be used. That definitely will help those that are new to cooking/cooking with Japanese foods.

Also added were explanations of various Japanese foods on the recipe pages themselves. For instance they would explain shortly what sushi rice is, or how you can make sushi rice.

There were just two things I didn’t quite like:
1. So much stuff gets microwaved. I prefer just cooking stuff the normal way (a stove), not shoving stuff in the microwave.
2. Most of the finished products on the photographs looked fantastic, but there were a few that didn’t look that good/not like the Pokemon at all.

But all in all, a wonderful book that I would highly recommend. Easy recipes, fun Pokemon images, and really, your stomach will growl and demand that you make these recipes, and soon! 😛

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