Review for The Thousandth Floor

Review for The Thousandth Floor

3 stars. 2.5 because on the one hand I really liked this book. 0.5 stars for Eris/Mariel.

This was one of my most anticipated books for August, but I have to say I am quite disappointed in it all. For so many reasons.

This review might be a bit chaotic, I will discuss good and bad all mixed-up. I just don’t feel like sorting my thoughts at the moment, I will just let them all out as it comes.

Incest, drugs, drugs, more drugs, stupid drama, rich-kid problems (that just don’t make sense), alcohol, did I mention incest?
Yep. Incest. Really, you have been brother/sister since the age of 5 (or 7 for Atlas), and I know you are not from the same blood/genes, but still so long together this makes you family. It was just creeping me out, and frankly I didn’t feel well reading it. I was definitely not rooting for them. I am not going to continue on about this, some things you just don’t want to dwell on.

We have 5 POVs and really? I just hated 4 of them in various degrees. Eris, Eris was my favourite girl out of the 5 and I looked forward the most to her POV. Sure, she had some flaws, but out of all the POVs and all of the side-characters, she was definitely the most real. The most true to everything. I felt oh so sorry for her when all that stuff happened to her family. And even later on. Sure, she made some stupid mistakes, but she did try to fix things. She did try to make things better. What happened between her and Mariel were the best parts and I loved and rooted for them so much.

Then we Avery, the sister. She is obsessed with her brother. So obsessed even that she gets pissy and breaks up with a friendship with a friend when that friend shows interest in her brother. Whut? Really whut? I didn’t like Avery that much, at times she showed a very lovely, kind, caring side, but then she would do something that would undo all that. For instance, I hated how she treated Watt, how she acted all interested in him, while actually she still wanted her brother. 😐 I also got a bit tired of the constant descriptions of her perfect beauty, how wonderful she was, how perfect she was in each and every way. We get it. No need to rehash it all the time. 😐

Watt. Definitely my least favourite character. He was just so boring and acting all superior. Like he was so much better than everyone in the world. Until he met Avery he was just pretty much a playboy, flirting with every girl he could flirt with. I also don’t get why he has to have something so illegal with him. Does he want to ruin his chances in life?

Rylin. Meh. Meh, and meh. She had some interesting parts, but mostly I didn’t like her. From the point that she was cheating on her boyfriend with Cord, to the fact she stole from Cord, to so many other parts. Sure, Cord and her made a cute couple, but I just wished she had been honest from the start. Honest about what she did. I am sure that he would listen, that he would understand her, would help her out. He is a pretty swell guy. I also didn’t really like the constant descriptions of how poor she was. We get it, she is poor.

Leda. Ah, our resident yandere girl. She was just terrible. The first few POV chapters about her were pretty decent, but as soon as Atlas returns? She totally turns into yandere mode. Stalking the dude (through Watt (she hired him to do the hacking of Atlas his stuff)), following him around (as soon as she got his schedule from Watt), demanding that Watt find out everything, and I mean everything about his whereabouts of the past year and much more, and when she notices that Atlas might have someone else she completely snaps and goes in highly creepy mode. She is one disturbed girl. She definitely could use a few more months in rehab or maybe someplace else that is more suited for her mental state.
She reminded me a lot of Yuno from Mirai Nikki.

Yes, yes, she knows. 😛 Just like Leda knew everything about Atlas. 😛

And also this one:

This was definitely my image of her later on in the book:

The book starts with a death. A girl plunges to her death of the top of the tower. Sadly after that we travel back 2 months, and that is what about 400 pages of the book are about. Then it happens, and then the book is pretty much over. So yeah, the death felt like it was a prelude, something set so the author could write a second book. Meh. 😐 I was so looking forward to seeing the mystery unfold, but instead it was handled like this.
The who dies, and who done it? Well after a while I could just imagine at least the perpetrator. It was easy to see.

I also was definitely interesting in the setting. A giant tower (and apparently even more throughout the world) that apparently spans a whole part of the city. However, I couldn’t imagine it one bit. I tried, and tried, but I just couldn’t visualise it all. I just couldn’t see how the tower would look. How people lived in it. Every time we would hear another fact about the tower and I would just stack on the big pile of details we already had, yet still not getting the picture. Such a shame.

I definitely was annoyed with all the drugs and alcohol use in this book. I know kids will experiment (not all of them though), but this was just ridiculous, it was as if it was totally normal to be drunk all the time. Or be high on drugs.

The drama was also quite silly at times, and it seemed like no one could have a normal life in that tower, or anywhere for that.

There definitely a few technological things that I would love to have (not having to change clothes while shopping for new ones, or having a personal hairstylist in your head), though also enough that I wouldn’t want to have (the fact everything you are doing can be viewed and hacked by anyone, the contacts and what they do).

I really loved the cover (and as for my edition also the spine of the book). It is just so fabulous, glittery, and shiny.

All in all, I am not sure if I would recommend this book. At times it was good, and the times I read (about 4 hours in total) I flew through the book. But at times it was just terrible. I have thought about dropping this book several times while I read.

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