Review for Winter According to Humphrey

Review for Winter According to Humphrey

I noticed that I still had to read this one, so what did I do? Get the book and read it! It is the perfect read for this season.

Sure, we might not have snow (booooooo), but we do celebrate Christmas, we do look forward to snow, and it is winter (and COLD). And in that way the book is pretty perfect read to read while snuggling under the covers and getting warm and fluffy.

This time Humphrey helps/participates with his class in a Snow-filled wonderland show. Yes, of course he can’t really participate, but he squeaks and dancing his butt off, and this does get noticed by people. 😛 It was quite fun to see him try to help out his friends, try to learn the lyrics.
Of course I am still a bit bothered that Humphrey can do so many things that normal hamsters cannot. Reading? Sure. Writing? Sure. Playing Piano? Oh sure, he can do that. Seeing where he is going? Sure! And so there are more things. Then again, I never saw Humphrey as a real hamster.
Still this does not take away from the entertainment I get from the book + I love hamsters (real or fantasy) so I am totally fine with Humphrey. And it is quite fun that Humphrey can do so many things. That way he can truly help out his friends.

I also still love his adventures when he leaves the cage.

Since this books takes place earlier it took me a bit to get back to the rhythm of the book, for me various events already happened, and various things that Humphrey is wondering about have either started or concluded.

There are various lessons to be learned from this book, in this one it is Holly who has to learn that she can’t just make presents for everyone in her class, the teachers, and everyone else she loves. That she shouldn’t do it for friends, and that maybe there is a way to make everyone happy with just one thing. I did feel sorry for Holly, she had good intentions, but she just didn’t get that she wasn’t doing the right thing for her body.

Kyaaa, and cuteness overload for the cover!

Plus now that I have a hamster again (after years of having no hamster) the book is even more fun to read.

There was the addition of a new character, and I have to say that I hated her. Sorry if this sounds mean, but the way she said stuff about Humphrey, but also Joey? No, just no. You don’t just bluntly tell a kid to not sing because he ruins your song. You don’t just get angry at the kids when they want to take Humphrey. I know you are afraid of him, but really. Those poor kids really wanted Humphrey with the show, and a lot could have been prevented if you had just allowed it.
Of course redemption blabla at the end for this character, well meh!

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and flew through it. I got another Humphrey book I want to read, and I will get to reading it soon.

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